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What is the full form of GFR

GFR: Glomerular Filtration Rate

GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate. It refers to the amount of blood filtered by kidney's glomerulus per unit of time. The GFR test is a simple blood test which is performed to check how well your kidneys are working.

Fullform GFR

Glomerulus filtration rate is usually determined using a mathematical formula where a person's age, sex, and race are compared with serum creatinine levels. The lower the GFR number, the higher will be the kidney damage. Thus, it tells your doctor about the stage of kidney damage and helps plan a treatment accordingly. See the following table:

GFR Stage of Kidney Damage Description
90 or above 1 Kidney damage with normal kidney function, e.g. protein in the urine
89 to 60 2 Kidney damage with mild loss of kidney function
59 to 44 3a Mild to moderate loss of kidney function
44 to 30 3b Moderate to severe loss of kidney function
29-15 4 Severe loss of kidney function
Less than 15 5 Kidney failure

It is clear from the above table that the GFR number goes down as the kidney disease gets worse or progresses. Furthermore, GFR also gets lower with age, e.g. a 60-year-old person may have GFE below around 60 without any kidney disease. People should have their GFR checked because an early detection and treatment can prevent kidney disease from getting worse.

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