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Located in the heart of Uttar Pradesh's Holy City of Mathura lies GLA University, a private, state-run institution. The University has more than 12,000 students and 750 faculty members who are highly trained and experienced. These faculty members keep the students on track academically and teach them in a practical setting. The National Council for Teacher Education, the Pharmacy education and profession in India, and the University Grants Commission (UGC) have all given their stamps of approval, as well as the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has awarded the institution a perfect score of 10 for accreditation.

GLA University

The Times of India ranks GLA University among the Country's top emerging engineering institutes. In contrast, NIR ranks it as number 59 in pharmacy education in India. India Today ranks third in UP for its Institute of Business Management's Bachelor of Business Administration program. In addition, Aspiring Minds has recognized it as one of the Top 10% of Engineering Campuses in the Country for 2019 and given it the "National Employability Award."

Within the city of Mathura, it occupies a plot of around 110 acres in size. The institution provides degrees at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate, in various fields, including engineering, pharmacy, science, education, and many more. During the GLA University Placements, there were more than 750 different recruiters on campus. Large corporations looking for new employees included Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, Disney Hotstar, and many more. More than three thousand placements are made available by these recruiters. It was reported that the highest pay offered is INR 44 LPA and that the average income paid is INR 6.28 LPA.


  • The goal is to provide the teachers and staff with the tools they need to create an environment where everyone can work together in peace and harmony and where new ideas may flourish.
  • To foster a good learning process, it is important to seek frequent input from all stakeholders and respond actively.
  • Providing excellent professional training, honorable research, and reliable consulting and extension services by present and future socioeconomic demands.
  • The goal is to continually improve and broaden the scope of the teaching and learning process and establish educational and other benchmarks that other educational institutions will want to meet.
  • To be completely focused on the students, promoting their intellectual and personal growth and development so that when they graduate, they are good citizens and highly sought-after professionals worldwide.


The faculty and staff of GLA University are committed to developing intellectually curious and capable citizens. They place a strong emphasis on both the development of functional skills and an amazing practical approach to assist students in standing out from their competitors and gaining a competitive advantage. The Training and Placement cell puts in a lot of effort to accomplish its goals of securing jobs for all students across a wide range of sectors and delivering services to aspiring company owners in building successful companies. The department often plans events and seminars for the students to participate in to develop the skills necessary to function effectively as both team leaders and team members.

The department is directed by a group of renowned academics with an established track record and industry specialists who have earned a name for themselves in their respective fields. Students are given an introduction to the principles of corporate culture and a feeling of influential patronage via the use of this organization. The T&P cell ensures that students from the University are placed in reputable firms at profitable terms across various sectors. It has a long list of firsts to its reputation and a flawless track record to talk about, and it works nonstop to achieve this goal.

In addition, the cell offers students support in submitting applications for summer internships and projects with various businesses. The University sends students to participate in summer training and projects, and as part of their education, the University provides constructive criticism on these experiences.

Every semester, students are exposed to an average of more than fifty guest lectures delivered by experienced professionals from various fields. These lectures are designed to help students better understand real-life scenarios and experiences. This prepares students to deal with challenges they may confront during their careers.

The T&P cell, in conjunction with the different technical and non-technical departments, routinely organizes industrial trips to acquire technical activities involved in the product development and maintenance of engineering products for students enrolled in technical courses. These visits are aimed mostly at students not majoring in a technical field. During these trips, the emphasis is on learning via contact with management, who discuss with the students the most current innovations, strategies, and market maneuvers of the business.

Registration Procedure at the GLA University

Online Mode

  1. Log on to the official website of GLA University and fill out the registration form for the admissions examination.
  2. Pay an admission fee of 500 INR for D.Pharma, Diploma in Eng, and B.Ed Courses and 700 INR for all other courses.
  3. Submit your application fee through credit card/debit card/net banking and cash or demand draught payable to "GLA University" in Vrindavan.
  4. Registered applicants will be given a registration ID and password.

Offline Mode

  1. You need to get an enrolment form by downloading it from the University's website.
  2. After taking a printout of the form, enclose it in an envelope and mail it together with a demand draught for the application cost of INR 700.
  3. Include your name and a unique identification number on the back side of the demand draught.
  4. Deliver the completed form and the Demand Draft to the person in charge of admissions.

Facilities Available at the GLA University

GLA University in Mathura has land that is around 110 acres in size. Students can access all the resources needed for a more productive educational experience and comfortable living arrangements. The university facilities are responsible for meeting all criteria and providing maintenance and care for them. Students and faculty at GLA Institution can use the campus and residential facilities the University offers. These amenities are well-known and highly regarded. The following is a list of some of the most prominent features that can be seen on the campus of GLA University.


The Central Library is the centre of activity for the institution's information-related services. It's an ingenious helpmate in pursuing academic goals, including teaching, learning, and research. The Central Library is home to more than 169899 books and over 4,500 CD-ROMs, and access to more than 95 national and international journals and publications. The library's collection is expanding quickly and is available in digital and print formats thanks to its state-of-the-art capabilities.

In addition to being a part of the National Digital Library, the Central Library is also connected to the nationwide network of libraries known as DELNET, which unites more than 5000 institutions. The operations of and the services provided by the Central Library are conducted entirely via computers. For this purpose, the institution uses a particular piece of open-source software known as KOHA, known for its friendliness to users. The institution uses a computerized circulation system based on bar codes to simplify keeping track of books and journals and getting them back into circulation. The University is committed to progressively enhancing all of its efforts to make sure that the appropriate information is available to the appropriate user at the appropriate time.


Candidates who come from a distance to attend GLA University may use the University's fully-furnished dorm facilities. The institution has 15 boys' dormitories that can house more than 4,300 boys and 4 girls hostels that can seat 1,400 female students. Students can concentrate on their studies since the facilities are divided into different areas for male and female students, the wardens are kind, and the security is quite high.

The hostels are equipped with all of the fundamental amenities, such as water coolers that are also equipped with water purifiers, wifi, a common TV room, a common reading room, a common gym, and so on. All hostel residents have access to sufficient eating facilities for their needs. The food provided in a mess is nutritious, and the services provided in a mess are of very high quality. They bring the food and drink to your table and serve it there.

Lecture Hall

There are a total of 223 lecture halls at GLA University, and each one is shaped like an amphitheater to ensure that the instructor can provide individual attention to every student. Sixty-five of these are set aside specifically for use as classrooms. Every one of these lecture halls is equipped with air conditioning. The classrooms include access to a variety of audiovisual and multimedia resources. Modern computer systems connected to projectors, an on-demand sound system, WiFi, and other cutting-edge facilities make it possible for institutions to use a demonstrative learning approach. The University's computing resources are connected to the internet through a bandwidth of 1 Gigabit Per Second (Gbps) provided by BSNL under the NKN and 155 Megabits per second (Mbps) provided by UP Communications Pvt Ltd.


The proverb states that "a healthy mind lives in a healthy body," and the faculty and staff of GLA University are firm believers in this proverb. The University ensures that its students, instructors, and staff are active in the events and activities planned and carried out during the academic year. This ensures that the institution's dedication to its athletic programs is not compromised. The University's academic calendar is filled with sporting events, whether on a national level, among colleges and schools, or other inter and intradepartmental activities.

Many sports have coaching staff consisting of former players who reached the national level. Each sport has its specialized team and set of facilities. The dynamic sports culture at the University, which is just as much a part of the student's life as the academic pursuit, ensures that there is never a boring moment on the campus of the institution. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to improve their sportsmanship and cultivate the proper attitude that a player should have while playing a game. They participate in sporting events at a wide variety of renowned establishments nationwide. In general, the athletics department is dedicated to the mental and physical health of the student body. This is because they have a solid belief that a student who has a sound physique is the student who will excel in all of the contests that they face throughout their lives.

Medical Facilities

Aarogyam is the name of the medical care facility that is part of the GLA University infrastructure. The primary objective of Aarogyam is to provide a comprehensive approach to improving students, faculty, and support staff's physical well-being. The institution provides various services and facilities, such as a medical staff consisting of four certified and experienced doctors and very capable nursing assistants. All employees and residents of the GLA Campus have access to timely medical, surgical, and psychological assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the college's provision of these services.

The campus provides medical attention for common ailments such as coughs, colds, seasonal fevers, rashes, wounds, bruises, and sprains. Depending on the circumstances, things of a more severe kind are taken to a higher centre in Mathura, Agra, or even Delhi. A six-roomed apartment with adjoining restrooms may be found inside the clinic. Eight semi-fowler beds are for those who need to stay overnight, and the urgent care centre has the essentials, including examination couches and basic equipment.


The institution provides students opportunities to pursue degrees at several levels, including graduate, postgraduate, diploma, and doctoral levels. Specializations in industrial IoT, AI/ML, cyber security/forensics, smart manufacturing, etc., are common and most well-known courses here.



The B.Tech curriculum covers various cutting-edge fields, including theInternet of Things, mechanical-smart manufacturing, electrical and electronics engineering, cloud computing and virtualization technology, data analytics, vehicle engineering, etc. To be eligible for the courses, a candidate must have earned a minimum of 65% in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry or Computer Science, and 70% in the 10+2 or equivalent test, on an overall basis. Additionally, the applicants must pass the University's GLAET examination.


To be eligible for lateral entry into the second year of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program, the applicant must have obtained a diploma in pharmacy or a D.Pharm from an institution authorized by the PCI. The applicant must have obtained an aggregate score of at least 50% in the 10+2 exam or an equal examination and a minimum score of 50% in each of the compulsory physics and chemistry courses as either mathematics or biology. Additionally, the applicant must pass the GLAET examination.


The Bachelor of Science degree covers various topics, including biotechnology, agriculture, physics, and chemistry. For a candidate to be eligible for the B.Sc. program, they need to have received a minimum of 50 percent on either the 10th exam, the Senior Secondary exam, or an examination equal to it. A student must get a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Mathematics in the 10+2 exam or have a 2-year diploma in agriculture to be eligible for admission to the B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture program. In addition, the applicant must take the GLAET exam that the institution carries out. Students who fall under the SC or ST category are eligible for a 5% reduction in the minimum qualifying requirements.


The qualifying requirement for B.Ed is a minimum of 50 percent in science, social science, or humanities at the undergraduate or graduate level. Similarly, a candidate with a bachelor's degree in engineering or technology and at least a 55% score is also considered. Students in the SC or ST group get a 5% grade reduction. Additionally, the applicants must be able to pass the University's GLAET test.


The topics covered in this degree program are marketing, human resources, financial management, operations management, international business management, business analytics, supply chain management, and so on.

A candidate is considered qualified for the course if they have a minimum of 50% marks (or 45% for SC/ST candidates) in all three years of their bachelor's degree program. The admissions requirements for the Master of Business Administration in Construction Management is 50% in BBA or a relevant field from a recognized university. In addition, the applicants must pass on one of the following admission examinations: GLAET, UPSEE, CAT, MAT, or XAT.

M. Tech.

The Master of Technology ;degree offers students coursework in various engineering disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, transportation engineering, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electronics and communication engineering, energy system engineering, and structural engineering. Students who have completed the requirements for a B. Tech degree with a minimum of 50 percent marks are eligible. In most cases, the program will take up to two years to complete.


The Master of Pharmacy program includes courses such as Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics. The applicants need to have a grade of A in their B.Pharma degrees to be eligible for the GLAET test. The applicants who have shown superior performance in the GLAET and the B.Pharma will be prioritized. Students who fall into a reserved category are given a mark percentage relaxation of 5 percent.


Ph.D. programs are available in various fields, including education, mechanical engineering, English, computer science and engineering, civil engineering, management, electrical engineering, electronics & communications, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, math, and MICR.

To meet the eligibility requirements, students must have cleared the Master's degree standard with a minimum mark of 55 to 60 percent. The training will take a total of three years to complete.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

In 2018, GLA University created an active National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit on the University Campus. This unit is 2 Tps of 1/10 Coy, Army Wing, 10 UP BTN. Its primary purpose is to cultivate the characteristics of young people to mold them into decent members of society and worthy leaders of the future in every aspect of life. Within the Senior Division Wing of the University NCC, a unit consists of one hundred cadets (Boys and Girls both).

The kids are participating enthusiastically in all of the NCC's activities, including training in drilling, first aid, basic navigation, awareness campaigns, rallies, and other such events. The cadets are sent to various locations so that they may participate in the National Integration Camp, the Republic Day Camp, and the Annual Training Camp. An NCC cadet radiates an air of self-assurance, maintains a helpful and disciplined demeanor, and readily accepts any extra tasks that are presented to them. This makes it simple to spot an NCC cadet working in a given environment.

The Following are Some of the Benefits that Certificate Holders of the NCC Receive.

  • It makes your CV seem better, boosting your chances of getting the job you want after the interview.
  • It provides students with education ranging from the fundamentals to advanced levels of the military, allowing them to determine whether or not they would be suited for a profession in the field of national security in the future.
  • The students receive military training, but in addition to that, they also learn several other important things such as how to be selfless, how to be self-discipline, how to be honest, how to put in a lot of hard work, as well as how to gain self-confidence, gain leadership qualities, and learn how to solve problems.
  • Those individuals who participated in the Republic Day Camp have a better chance of being selected to march in the Republic Day Parade.
  • It is beneficial for candidates to take the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Examination.
  • It is beneficial for the NDA Examination.
  • It is helpful for admission exams to join the Defence forces, such as the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, or the Indian Air Force.
  • A candidate may be considered for the SSC even if they have not yet passed the CDS written examination. The only thing they can do is pass the SSB interview.

GLA University Scholarships

The GLA University in Mathura provides financial assistance to those students who apply for the program. To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants' situations and academic records must demonstrate that they fit the requirements outlined by the institution. Students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and come from low-income families are prioritized when scholarship opportunities are available. Additional information on the GLA University scholarship may be found further on this page.

Financial Assistance for Bachelor of Pharmacy Students

  • For students who meet the requirements and get at least 90% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Biology in their 10+2 exams, the government of India offers a scholarship of Rs. 25,000 each year.
  • To be eligible for the scholarship for the next academic year, candidates must maintain a cumulative grade point (CGP) average of at least 8.00.

Scholarships Available for Master of Technology Students

Students who have achieved a qualifying score on the GATE examination will be awarded a scholarship for 1,33,000 Rupees every academic year.

To be eligible for the scholarship for the next academic year, applicants for admission to GLA University must keep their cumulative grade point average at or above 6.5.

Financial Assistance for Master of Pharmacy Students

The applicants who qualify for the GPAT are eligible to earn around 1,33,000 INR yearly. For the student to be eligible for the scholarship for the next academic year, their cumulative grade point average (CGP) has to be at least 6.5.

Financial Assistance for Doctoral Students (Ph.D.)

Selected full-time researchers in any field may apply for a teaching assistantship at GLA University and get a monthly stipend of 25,000 rupees.

Scholarship Opportunities Available to General and Other Backward Classes

Students whose parent's yearly income is less than Rs. 2 lakh are eligible for the scholarship provided by the GLA University in Mathura. Candidates that meet the requirements may apply for financial aid via the state of Uttar Pradesh's social welfare agency, known as the Samaj Kalyan Vibhag.

Scholarships for Members of the SC/ST Community

Students from homes with a yearly income of less than two lakh rupees are eligible for the scholarship. Scholarships are available to students who meet the requirements and may apply via the UP government's social welfare department, known as the Samaj Kalyan Vibhag.

The welfare department of samaj Kalyan requires documentation before a scholarship application can be submitted.

  • Sheet with the Most Recent Marks from the Qualification Exam.
  • Income Certificate (Annual Income should be less than 2 Lakhs)
  • Caste Certificate.
  • Bank Passbook (Bank account of Mathura District only)
  • Fee Receipt.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Your Most Recent Photo, in Passport Size

International Scholarships

The GLA University Mathura international scholarships are awarded based on the student's marks or grades from the most recent obligatory test required for the program of study that the student intends to pursue (i.e., Class 10th for three-year diploma program, 10+2 for bachelor program, and graduation for postgraduate studies).

The scholarship amount may be used only to cover tuition and mandatory fees for one academic year. In succeeding academic years, eligibility for GLA University scholarships will continue to be determined using the same pointer method as in previous years.

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