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Go Worker Pools

Worker pools is a design in which a fixed number of m workers (Go goroutines) works on n tasks in a work queue (Go channel). The work resides in a queue until a worker finish its current task and pull a new one.

Let's See it by an example


worker 2 processing job 1
worker 1 processing job 2
worker 2 processing job 3
worker 1 processing job 4
worker 1 processing job 5
worker 2 processing job 6
worker 1 processing job 7
worker 2 processing job 8

In this example, 2 workers are started and 9 work items are in put onto a job channel. Workers have a work loop with a time.Sleep so that each ends up working 2 jobs. close is used on the channel after all the work's been put onto it, which signals to all 2 workers that they can exit their work loop by dropping them out of their loop on range.

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