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Godfather Review

"Godfather" is a fascinating Telugu political action thriller movie made by a skilled director which shows power, family, and society's dark side. The film was released in 2022 and grabbed the attention of movie fans with its gripping narrative, superb acting, and dramatic interpretation of the criminal world. "Godfather" is an interesting cinematic experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, thanks to its celebrity combination, outstanding direction, and thought-provoking storyline. The film depicts crime harshly and realistically by emphasizing the complexities and consequences of wielding power and influence.

Godfather Review

Director Mohan Raja's "Godfather" is the seventh remake and it consists of superstars including Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana, and a cameo by Salman Khan. The director is well aware that the original reference which is Mohanlal's Malayalam film "Lucifer" and makes a fanboy tribute to Chiranjeevi by taking the basic framework of "Lucifer" and some of its crucial parts. Principal photography began in August 2021, with locations including Hyderabad, Ooty, and Mumbai. Thaman S created the soundtrack, and Nirav Shah handled the cinematography. The Godfather was released in theatres on October 5, 2022, to favorable feedback from critics. However, it failed at the box office, grossing more than 108 crores against a budget of 100 crores, becoming Chiranjeevi's third consecutive box office loss following Acharya and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy.

The Plot of God Father

An officer of Interpol in France gives over his case to his junior about Abraham Qureshi, a mysterious smuggling kingpin and Godfather by saying that it was his only unsolved case. meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Padmakant Reddy, also known as "PKR," the head of the ruling Jan Jagruti Party (JJP), passes away in a hospital while receiving treatment. Acting Chief Minister Narayana Varma takes advantage of the issue, believing it will help him for the next election, and sends members of the party to riot outside the hospital. Govardhan, a seeker of the truth, records a YouTube live stream in which he confronts those who praise PKR, saying that he was a puppet in the final years with the control of a financial syndicate that rules the whole Indian political system. He claims that the JJP party has double as much money as the state treasury, making whoever succeeds PKR essential.

Godfather Review

During the live stream, he names four possible candidates: Sathyapriya, Jaidev Das, Varma, and Brahma Teja. Sathya is PKR's daughter, and she married Jaidev, a secretive and notorious drug dealer who rules over real estate and Hawala frauds. He is also in close contact with drug lords from Mumbai, which Sathya is unaware of. Varma claims himself as the party's most likely successor to PKR due to his professional background in the party, particularly his lobbying ability. At this point, Brahma is PKR's firstborn child, but he has been kept hidden from the public as PKR did not want people to know he had a son with his first wife. Govardhan defines him as the "Godfather" and the "most dangerous" person on the list. Brahma's background is unknown, but he is currently renowned for contract work for corporations in Chennai as shown by Govardhan's research. Meanwhile, in Mumbai Jaidev and Varma meets with Abdul who is their former partner, and inform him that PKR gave him a month to stop his immoral actions. With the PKR's demise, Jaidev intends to provide drug money to the JJP by offering money to its current financier. If the JJP wins the election, Jaidev agrees to pay 750 crores (US$94 million) per month to transport unchecked drugs smuggling into Hyderabad. For the sale to go through, Jaidev must set up a discreet drug factory. Abdul is certain that the factory to be built on a government-approved roadway. At the same moment, PKR's last rites are performed in Hyderabad, and Sathya stresses that Varma prohibits Brahma from attending the ceremony. On Varma's orders, Indrajeet tries but fails to put obstacles in Varma's path. That night, Jaidev arrives home and provides Malana cream for Sathya's sister Jhanvi before arranging a meeting with JJP ministers to advise them of his intention to fund the party and dismiss the current ministry, essentially postponing the elections. This will allow them to make use of the current sympathy wave and nominate themselves for the party's next CM candidate. Varma persuades Jaidev to talk with Brahma, the current financier, but Brahma opposes funding the party using drug money and threatens Jaidev. Enraged, Jaidev orders Varma to pay bribes to 140 of his party's MLAs to nominate him for CM.

Godfather Review

Jaidev sends his people to establish the drug factory. When Brahma got to know about this, he goes to the factory and murders everyone. Brahma's secretary and Jaidev's mole, Koti witness this and inform both. Indrajeet has been sent to the factory to look for evidence, but he returns empty-handed. Jaidev discovers through Sathya's diary that she hates Brahma since her father offered more care for him as a child, causing a breach between her parents. Koti convinces his lover Renuka to insult Brahma. She accuses Brahma on public tv by stating that he was abusing her. This causes rage against Brahma, who is then arrested and imprisoned for it. Brahma receives a phone call in prison from his next contractor and most faithful partner, Masoom Bhai. Jaidev plans a hit on Brahma and sends goons into the prison, but the plan fails. Masoom Bhai sabotages Lukas's containers when transferring money to bribe other JJP members. Brahma pays a visit to Govardhan in Chennai, in which he provides evidence of corruption among party members and reveals his role in the drugs trade. Meanwhile, Koti realizes his mistake and Renuka admits to lying about Brahma on national television. Brahma was then eventually released from prison. Meanwhile, Jhanvi has been admitted to the hospital after an overdose of drugs. Sathya learns of Jaidev's aggressive behavior against her through Jhanvi. When asked by Sathya, Jaidev realizes everything and threatens to expose Jhanvi's drug-dealing connections. He also threatens to murder her and Jhanvi, as PKR did. With no other option, a changed Sathya begs the assistance of Brahma. Brahma promises to protect them after revealing his origins to Sathya. Sathya sobbed at realizing her brother's real identity. Indrajeet blackmails Sathya for not filing the case against Jhanvi. Brahma along with his men kills Indrajeet, afterwards, Brahma meets with the NNTV news channel's owners. Brahma pays up the channel's debts of 45 crores (US$5.6 million) and grants Sathya full power and control over the channel. In return for keeping their drug habits reserved, Brahma and Masoom Bhai will threaten Varma along with all the other MLAs into joining him. Jaidev kidnaps Jhanvi and then blackmails Sathya from Mumbai for naming him as Chief Minister. Brahma murders Jaidev's men with the assistance of Masoom Bhai. When confronted by Jaidev, Lukas reveals that Brahma is Abram Qureshi, who is known as the "Godfather." Despite his surprise, Jaidev tries to kill Sathya in a car accident, but she is saved by Brahma's men. Jaidev commits suicide after being defeated. Sathya is chosen president as well as chief minister of the JJP party, while Brahma travels to Paris along with Masoom Bhai. After gathering them all, Brahma and Masoom Bhai kill the world's major drug lords.

Cast of Godfather

  • Chiranjeevi played Brahma Teja
  • Nayanthara played Sathyapriya "Sathya" Jaidev Das.
  • Puri Jagannadh played Govardhan
  • Satya Dev played Jaidev Das "Jai"
  • Murali Sharma played Narayana Verma.
  • Tanya Ravichandran played Jhanvi
  • Samuthirakani played as ACP Indrajeet IPS
  • Sunil played as Koti
  • Brahmaji played Narasimha Reddy
  • Sarvadaman. D. Banerjee played as CM Padmakant Ramdas Reddy "PKR"
  • Divi Vadthya played Renuka
  • Shafi played Murugan
  • Sayaji Shinde played as Bangaram Naidu
  • Bharath Reddy played Ram Prasad.
  • Murali Mohan played an older man in the Ashram
  • Pragathi played Sowjanya
  • Nawab Shah played asAbdul
  • Gangavva played as Kanthamma
  • Mark Bennington played as Lukas,
  • Master Gaurav played adolescent Brahma.
  • Ahana played as young Sathya
  • Salman Khan played Vettavaliyan Masood Bhai (cameo appearance)
  • Prabhu Deva played himself in the "Thaar Maar Thakkar Maar." song
  • Warina Hussain as a dancer in "Blast Baby."Principal

photography for the film began on August 13, 2021. The film's first shoot was held in Hyderabad. The film's second schedule began in Ooty in September 2021. Chiranjeevi underwent surgery on his right hand in October, which was followed by a 15-day bed rest. He started filming in Hyderabad in November 2021. This follows the shooting of a few key scenes that did not feature him, during which Nayanthara entered the production. Following his recovery, Chiranjeevi returned to the sets in February. Salman Khan finished his parts in a week-long shoot at ND Studios in Karjat, Mumbai, in March 2022. Khan also shot a song with Chiranjeevi in Hyderabad, which was choreographed by Prabhu Deva.

The Box Office

Godfather premiered in Telugu theatres on October 5, 2022, together with a Hindi dubbed version. Konidela Production Company along with PVR Pictures released the film in India, while Sarigama Cinemas distributed it globally through Phars Film. The film's worldwide theatre rights were sold for 91 crore. The Tamil dubbed version movie was released on October 14, 2022. Netflix purchased the film's online streaming rights for 57 crores and will begin streaming on November 19. According to News18, the film's producers have been offered Rs 45 crore to purchase the satellite and internet rights to the Hindi dubbed version of the picture. From Netflix, the film was available for digital streaming from 19 November 2022. During its theatrical run, the film made 108.7 crores. It collected 21.7 crores on the first day, including 15.7 crores from India and 7.0 crores from elsewhere. The film grossed around 77 crores in its first weekend at the box office. The film did well in its first weekend at the box office, but it eventually proved a disaster, grossing 108.7 crores worldwide against a budget of 100 crores.

Review of Godfather

Godfather is a remake of the Malayalam movie "Lucifer" but director Mohan Raja has added some brilliant changes to suit the preferences of the Telugu audience. Mohan Raja has maintained faithful to the story and delivered an entertaining narration. He did a wonderful job of highlighting Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi has always played dynamic characters but in Godfather, he plays a mature politician and does an excellent job. Chiranjeevi doesn't have many lines, yet he emotes brilliantly through his eyes. The audience will appreciate his screen presence and steady performance even if he does not dance or perform comedy. Nayanthara plays an important role in the film and adds much depth. But it is Satyadev who is the youthful hero steals the show. He amazes with his violent behavior and is a great antagonist for Chiranjeevi.

Godfather Review

Satyadev's approach to his character is convincing, and he leaves a lasting impression. Murali Sharma has a significant part and performs admirably. The political parts are well-written and dealt with in the first half. Sunil, Brahmaji, and Samutrakani all play their parts brilliantly. Some of the film's parts are well-written. Even though Chiranjeevi did not say a single word, the jail scenes involving him and Satyadev are wonderfully presented. In the end, Salman Khan's entrance into the plot is exactly timed, providing critical mass moments for the fans. The climax fight, song, and slow-motion views of Salman and Chiranjeevi are all excellent, and the film concludes on a high note. When compared to Lucifer, Godfather needs even more fascinating drama. The second half drags because there is not much to show. That is why a song breaks out during the pre-climax. Also, Chiranjeevi appears to be stiff in a few parts at the film's end. The second's emotions may have been more intense. Salman Khan's character appears to be glamorous. However, it is not adequately justified in the conclusion. Furthermore, the events are predictable. Though Satyadev is fantastic, he should have been given more padding to highlight the villain angle in the film.


Overall, Godfather is an outstanding political thriller narrated logically. The film's main strengths are the matured character of Chiranjeevi, good performances by Satyadev and Nayanthara, and an entertaining appearance by Salman Khan. The Godfather is entertaining in parts, especially when the political intrigues result in cat-and-mouse games. It had the potential to be a fascinating political drama, but it ends up being one of those films which can be enjoyed only if you do not have high expectations. The drama is lacking compared to the original Lucifer, but it does not stop fans and the general public from having a good time with this Dussehra because the boss is back.

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