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GoPro Hero 9 Black Review: The Perfect Upgrade

GoPro Hero 9 Black is a camera many bloggers use to shoot the best quality videos. It is a severe blogging tool. Go Pro Hero 9 Black has good audio and video quality and fantastic stability.

GoPro Hero 9 Black Review: The Perfect Upgrade

Features of GoPro Hero 9 Black

Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera is used for high-quality video shooting. It has big and broader buttons, which are helpful while shooting at night. Unshakable video-making is one of its unique features. On the right-hand side of the camera is a compartment for the battery and SD card, and USB type C. It would be best if you took out the battery for charging. Construction quality is also excellent, which helps if you drop the camera. All four camera sides are curved in shape and built with a rubberized padding material. The camera's main feature and most significant improvement are two screens on opposite sides. A colored screen is provided adjacent to the lens. It is helpful for the blogger to keep watch on his video. This is a beneficial feature of the Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera and is appreciated in most of the reviews given by the public.

  • Sensor

A 23.6 megapixel (MP) sensor is given, which provides you with 5k video quality and 20 MP photos. It captures frame grabs up upto 14.7 MP from your videos. The speed and fluency of the touch screen are excellent. The screen does not hang. The stabilization technique used in the camera is next level.

  • Battery

A big battery is fitted inside the camera, which can be unscrewed easily. This battery is 30 % bigger than the previous Go Pro Hero 8 Black camera. It has a power of 1720 mAh (milliampere per hour). As claimed by Go Pro, you can record for 1 hour 41 minutes with a quality of 1080p without any disturbance. A red LED (light emitting diode) is given to notify whether the recording is ON, which blinks every time you start recording the video.

  • Lens

One can remove the lens for cleaning purposes. This time, the lens comes with different modes of shoot. Using the max mod with this lens will give you a view of more than 150 degrees.

  • Time-Lapse Recording

In other cameras, time-lapse recording is not allowed with audio. With Go Pro Hero 9 Black, you can record audio in between.

  • Stabilization

The stabilization quality is hyper smooth 3. o with a boost feature. The stabilization is unexpected and unique. The video does not disturb to many extent speed breakers and sudden stops.

  • Horizon Level

Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera provides a fantastic feature of locking the horizon level of the recording. For example, if you lock the horizon level and move the camera 360 degrees, the recording will reach that horizon level.

  • Slow Motion

Slow motion is one of the basic needs of any blogger. Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera has a slow speed of up to 8 x. Even black slow motion is also allowed in this version. Its slow-motion feature works very well.

  • Hindsight Feature

Using this hindsight feature, you can set it for either 15 seconds earlier or 15 seconds later and catch the perfect moment. For example, if you are unsure about an event or a moment, you can switch on the hindsight feature. This will capture the whole scenario; you can select the clip you want to keep.

  • Audio and Video Quality

The audio and video quality of the Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera is fabulous. You do not need any external mic for a better audio experience. The video on this camera can go up to 5k with 30 fps. The overall quality and HDR color are unbelievable. Despite the low light in the rooms, the indoor video quality is good and can give you an amazing video experience.

Some suggested settings for a better recording in the best available quality are:

  • Hyper smooth: Boost
  • Bitrate: High
  • Sharpness: Low
  • Color: Flat

This general setting would suit every single shot irrespective of its color grade.

  • Controls and Navigation

When you turn on the camera by pressing and holding the power button, you get the go pro animation in the front. The back LCD will light up where you can interact and turn on and off settings. Everything you need will find there. Options like RES | FPS, LENS, MAX hyper smooth, HORIZON LOCK, scheduled capture, and Duration are given. At the back screen, it can go up to 4k in 60 fps.

Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera can be used anywhere for recording. You can use it outside and as your web camera for Zoom meetings. Using this fantastic device will give you a dashing performance.

Overall Review

The packing box of the Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera is not made up of plastic. The company used a recyclable, durable, and strong material to pack the gadget. This box contains extra batteries, stickers, an SD card, many documents with guides (settings page), and a lightweight floating hand grip made of rubber that fits perfectly in hand. It also consists of two different bases on which the camera stands and a multi-used mouth made of magnetic material. A type C USB charging cable is also provided. The screen is nice and bright, and you can see a comparatively broader view. The battery compartment is easy to open and flop. Micro SD cards slot are also available in the battery compartment. Type C charging slot is also present in the same place. At the bottom are opening and closing mounting ports that help stand and hold other camera accessories like a stick, head mount, etc. You can mount it anywhere without carrying those bulky cases and accessories.

The box in which the camera comes contains everything you need, like a magnetic clamp mount, a type C charging cable, extra batteries, and an SD card. Swiping down from the top pops up a new control center where you can control all the different settings and connections like orientation lock, etc. You also have mode-switching options. Suppose you swipe across the screen from left to right from photo video to time-lapse. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen releases your gallery. In the gallery, you can attractively see your playback and recent recordings. For easy control, you can install an app that can connect to your Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera, and the gallery would be easier to look on. Using that app, you can only select and change options from the mobile phone.

Pros and Cons of Go Pro Hero 9 Black Camera


  1. Front Screen:The screen on the front side of the camera is handy for bloggers. They can now see what is being recorded on the camera. In the underwater recording, this feature proved very helpful.
  2. Built Quality:The built quality of the camera is excellent. The camera is designed with waterproof quality. Curved edges are provided with padding and soft material, which makes it shockproof.
  3. Stabilization and Horizon Tilt Control:Especially when you are shooting while skating or riding a bike, this feature helps you to record the best of the best possible shot.


  1. Minimal Upgrade:There is a very minimal upgrade from Go Pro Hero 8 camera to the Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera. If you are using Go pro3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, you must upgrade to go pro, but if you are using go pro 8, then sticking to that version only is advisable.


Go Pro Hero 9 black camera is a famous gadget in the market. Many bloggers are switching to the Go Pro Hero 9 black camera because of its advantages and performance. The audio and video quality of the Go Pro Hero 9 Black camera is fabulous. You do not need any external mic for a better audio experience. The camera is made weather sealed and waterproof and damage proof. For every circumstance, it works well in terms of the design and the weather ceiling.

On the camera's left side, you have the power button and the remote control; at the top, you have the shutter release and the video recording button. You have an LCD screen in the front with a viewfinder and a battery. On the back side, you have the touchscreen LCD, where you can control all the settings and take a look at your screen from. The horizon control feature of the camera is impressive. It maintains the horizon no matter how you rotate the camera. Overall, the Go Pro Hero 9 black camera is worth it. It will give you a memorable and outstanding recording experience. Moments are precious in life; when recorded through Go Pro Hero 9 black camera, these moments give you a lifetime nostalgic experience.

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