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Govinda Naam Mera Review


Directed and written by the talented Shashank Khaitan, this movie boasts an ensemble cast that includes the versatile Vicky Kaushal, the charismatic Bhumi Pednekar, the stunning Kiara Advani, the talented Deependra Singh, the beloved Dayanand Shetty, the versatile Sayaji Shinde, and the hilarious Viraj Ghelani. With a duration of 2 hours and 11 minutes, this comedy-drama promises to keep you entertained throughout. Cinematographer Vidhushi Tiwari's vision brings the story to life, while the music composed by a powerhouse team including Meet Bros, Tanishk Bagchi, B. Praak, Sachin Sanghvi, Jigar Saraiya, and Rochak Kohli adds charm and vibrancy to the narrative. Produced by industry stalwarts Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Shashank Khaitan, in collaboration with Viacom18 Studios and Dharma Productions, "Govinda Naam Mera" is a movie that has all the ingredients to become a crowd favorite.

The cast of Govinda Naam Mera

The cast of the movie "Govinda Naam Mera" includes:

  1. Vicky Kaushal: Vicky Kaushal plays the lead role of Govinda Waghmare. He effortlessly blends into the film's setup and delivers a memorable performance as a David Dhawan-style hero.
  2. Kiara Advani: Kiara Advani portrays a significant character in the movie. She goes beyond the role of a glamorous girlfriend and impresses with her acting skills.
  3. Bhumi Pednekar: Bhumi Pednekar is another notable member of the cast. She brings a fun and dominant presence to her character, captivating the audience with her devil-may-care attitude.
  4. Renuka Shahane: Renuka Shahane plays the role of Govinda's mother in the film. Her character's arc is described as a treat, adding depth and intrigue to the story.
  5. Amey Wagh: Amey Wagh is a part of the cast and delivers an amazing performance in the movie.
  6. Truti Khamkar: Truti Khamkar is also a part of the film's cast, showcasing her acting skills.
  7. Dayanand Shetty: Dayanand Shetty is another talented actor who contributes to the film with his performance.

Story of the Movie

Govinda Naam Mera Review

In the film, Govinda, portrayed by Vicky Kaushal, finds himself in an unhappy marriage with his wife, Gauri, played by Bhumi Pednekar. As a choreographer, Govinda engages in an extramarital relationship with Suku, portrayed by Kiara Advani, who shares his passion for dance. Desperate to divorce his wife and pursue a joyful life with Suku, Govinda's plans are thwarted when Gauri demands a hefty sum of two crores as alimony. Alongside his marital struggles, Govinda becomes entangled in a property dispute with his stepbrother and confronts Ajith Dharkar, portrayed by Shiyaji Shinde. Amidst these challenges, Govinda and Suku find themselves implicated in Gauri's murder case. The story's unfolding reveals the fate of Govinda and Suku as they navigate the crime and attempt to resolve their issues.

Star Performance of the Movie

Govinda Naam Mera Review

The main highlight of Govinda Naam Mera is the realization that Vicky Kaushal has the potential to be a hero in the style of David Dhawan's films from the 90s. He effortlessly fits into this setting and completely embodies the character of Govinda Waghmare to the point where you don't see Vicky Kaushal himself. His portrayal is refreshingly original rather than being inspired by or copied from other actors who have excelled in this genre. Vicky Kaushal is a delightful surprise in this film, and it would be great to see more of him in similar roles.

Kiara Advani is steadily growing as an actress. She doesn't just play the role of a glamorous girlfriend; she has a significant part to play in the story. Kiara impresses with her performance, and you become invested in her character's journey.

Bhumi Pednekar is a joy to watch as she effortlessly dominates everyone around her with her carefree attitude. It's a shame she didn't have more screen time because she managed to grab attention even with limited space. Having more of her presence would have added more flavor to the film.

Renuka Shahane, portraying Govinda's mother, is an absolute delight. Exploring her character's arc might spoil the film, so it's best to experience it firsthand. Overall, the entire cast, including Amey Wagh, Truti Khamkar, and Dayanand Shetty, delivers amazing performances that are a treat.

Direction, Music of the Movie

As a director, Shashank Khaitan keenly understands his audience's expectations and consistently strives to deliver exactly what they anticipate from him. His ability to cater to his audience's desires is evident in his work, although it may only sometimes be apparent. "Govinda Naam Mera" is a prime example of Khaitan's skill in creating an outright comedy without allowing other elements to overshadow its comedic essence. This task is undoubtedly challenging, yet Khaitan executes it proficiently, effectively entertaining his intended audience.

"Govinda Naam Mera" is not a film that warrants deep analysis or dissection in search of profound meaning or catharsis. Instead, it presents itself as an absurd comedy that expertly weaves together comedic elements, gradually loosening and then skillfully tightening the threads of the narrative by the film's conclusion. Its primary objective is to entertain viewers, and in this aspect, it undoubtedly succeeds. Khaitan deserves commendation for not succumbing to the temptation of incorporating the two thousand promotional music videos shot for the film into the final product. This decision could have compromised the film's integrity. While the songs may not resonate with my taste, it is admirable that Khaitan chose to prioritize the overall cohesion of the film rather than overloading it with unnecessary elements.

Plus Points of the Movie

Vicky Kaushal again exhibits his exceptional talent in Govinda Naam Mera, reaffirming his status as a skilled artist. In the film, he portrays a character burdened with multiple problems, and his performance is commendable. His expressions are on point, and he effortlessly immerses himself in his role. Vicky Kaushal's impeccable comedic timing adds another layer of enjoyment to the film.

Kiara Advani, known for her glamorous roles, showcases a different facet of her acting prowess in this film. Her portrayal of Suku is stunning, and she delivers a remarkable performance, particularly in a pivotal jail scene. This scene stands out as one of the well-executed moments in the film, and Kiara impresses both in terms of glamour and acting abilities.

The movie's final half-hour proves to be riveting, as the story gradually unveils a series of twists that leave a lasting impact. These unexpected turns are executed skillfully, catching the audience by surprise. The film also features a well-composed song and a surprise cameo appearance by a popular star adds to the delight of the viewers, making it an exciting package.

Minus Points of the Movie

The writing in the final forty minutes displayed a higher level of quality, although it struggled in other aspects. While the film had the potential to transform into an engaging crime thriller, the screenplay failed to deliver the excitement expected. As a result, the film follows a mediocre path toward its climax, ultimately leaving the viewers somewhat detached.

The initial hour falls below expectations, featuring generic moments that need more impact. Numerous subplots are introduced during this period, yet none leave a significant impression and contribute to the film's unnecessarily prolonged duration. Moreover, these subplots need to be more relevant in the latter part of the story, giving the impression that they need to be more carefully included without any connection.

The sequences involving Shivaji Shinde and his son could be more interesting and formulaic. The narrative becomes predictable until the final segment, and the comedy fails to make a strong impression. Despite the makers' efforts to generate laughter, they need help to achieve complete success in this aspect.

Technical Aspects of the Movie

The music in the film was satisfactory, and the production values were also up to par. Vidushi Tiwari's cinematography was executed perfectly, aligning well with the genre of the film. However, the editing work could have benefitted from further improvements, particularly in effectively interlinking certain scenes.

As for the director, Shashank Khaitan, his work on the film can be considered average. He took charge of both the story and screenplay. While the plot was decent, the screenplay fell short of expectations, and Khaitan could have done a better job making the film more engaging. Including multiple subplots added confusion and made the director's exact intention regarding portrayal unclear.


Govinda Naam Mera delivers a handful of intriguing moments when considering the film. The true highlights lie within the film's final half-hour and the cast's commendable performances. These elements become the key factors that elevate the overall experience. However, the film needs to catch up due to its less gripping and compelling screenplay in the remaining portions. With a tighter and more captivating screenplay throughout, there was immense potential for the film to transcend into something remarkable. Unfortunately, it settles for being just an average watch this weekend, lacking the impact and resonance it could have achieved. Nonetheless, it still offers some enjoyment and can be considered an acceptable option for those seeking entertainment.

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