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Grievance and Causes

Grievance procedure refers to formal communication procedure designed to settle a grievance in an organized way.

A grievance procedure mainly comprised of five steps:

1) Acknowledgement

The grievance must be acknowledged instantly by the concerned authority. It shows the management is serious about the issue and will take unbiased action to settle the grievance.


2) Collect the Facts

In this step, the management starts gathering all relevant information related to the grievance. It helps management understand the nature of grievance.

Collect the Facts

3) Identify the Cause

In this step, the real cause of the grievance is identified by analyzing the facts collected in the previous step.

Identify the Cause

4) Action Plan

After identifying the cause, an action plan is prepared keeping in mind its effect on existing and future policies of the company.

Action Plan

5) Execute

The management takes the action without being biased. It also reviews the output to check if the grievance is successfully resolved or not.


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