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Group discussion topics

Group discussion or GD is a form of a discussion between people forming a group. People in the group discussion are connected with one basic idea. Based on that idea, everyone in the group represents his/her perspective. The recruiters use it to hire the best talent among various candidates.

GD tests the candidate's skills, such as leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and behavior, politeness, teamwork, listening ability, General awareness, confidence, problem-solving skills, etc.

Group discussion topics

After the written exam for a job selection, it can be the next level, an interview part to pursue higher graduation studies or fun competitions in a college or organization. It is not only the usual discussion, but it is also a discussion with knowledge and facts.

Why did group discussion start?

Group discussion started in various organizations, institutes, companies, etc. since few years. During the initial days, it was popular only in few organizations. But, with the increase in competition among students, it became a part of every organization. Today, in colleges or universities a special lecture is provided to the students to enhance these skills. It is also known as the Personality development class.

Group Discussion tests the personality skills, communication skills, teamwork, confidence, problem-solving skills, social skills, behavior, and leadership abilities of a candidate. It also checks the on-spot preparation of a candidate in a short time span.

It is used as a quick method to shortlist a few candidates from the massive strength.

Sometimes, a candidate fails in office or professional meetings, presentations, etc. He/she might have scored the top rank, but unable to speak confidently in such professional meetings create a negative impression. Hence, it is now adopted as an exam to pass before joining any university or organization.

Is there any importance of conducting a practicing a Group Discussion?


So, let's discuss the importance of Group discussion.

What are the advantages of reading Group discussion topics?

Group discussion is like one of the exams that a candidate needs to qualify. Group discussion topics give us an idea about the trending topics and related information. It increases our knowledge and confidence in speaking. These topics help us to prepare well so that we can perform better in the GD round.

Candidates who perform well among other students in a group are shortlisted. The given topic can have a different perspective depending on the candidate. A candidate may be in favor of a topic, while another is against it. The practice gives us an idea about the correct perspective about a particular topic.

Hence, it is important to practice various Group discussion topics to improve our communication, fluency, problem-solving skills, confidence, and general awareness. How can we prepare for the GD?

We can prepare easily for the Group Discussion by practicing. As said:

"Practice makes the man perfect.

The best method to practice is to create a group among friends and discuss about the trending topics together. We can also consider some simple topics at the initial stage. The discussion among the group increases our confidence, way of speaking, communication, etc. It will also remove our fear and hesitation.

The Group Discussion topics discussed in this section will give us an idea about the current topics and the related information. We can also add the information through research or as per our thoughts.

At last, we can give ratings to judge our performance. It helps us to improve at every step while practicing.

Importance of Group Discussion

  • Increases the confidence
  • Focuses on Deep thinking of a candidate
  • Improves the Communication Skills
  • Removes the hesitation of speaking
  • Team Work coordination
  • Improves the behavior towards others
  • Improves the Listening Skills
  • Creates Diversity in the Ideas
  • Increases the chances of getting hired

Note: The detail information about GD is discussed in Group Discussion.

Rules of Group Discussion

There are some rules of a Group Discussion, which are as follows:

  • Prepare well for the topic.
  • Be confident about your content
  • Aware of participants Introduction
  • Focus on the Body Language
  • Try to be a part of Leadership
  • Avoid false starts or commitments
  • Follow your Domain
  • Do not fight


The performance in a Group discussion depends on the skills of a candidate, which are as follows:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Intrapersonal skills
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reasoning skills
  • Polite voice
  • Fluency
  • Initiative
  • Covering self mistakes
  • Team work
  • Body languages
  • Listening skills
  • Leadership quality
  • Behavior

The candidates are judged on these skills. Hence, the knowledge of these skills will help a candidate to qualify the GD.

What is the basic frame of a GD?

Let's discuss the procedure of a group discussion.

A topic prior a group discussion is provided to the group of candidates ranging from 5 to 15. The candidates can vary depending on the available strength. If the strength if high, the number of candidates can also increase. If the strength is low, it can be 5 to 7.

The preparation time of around 5 minutes is given to a group before beginning with the discussion. The duration of a group discussion is 15 minutes. In case studies, the duration can be 45 minutes. Sometimes, the panelist or judges can extend the discussion for more than 15 minutes. They can also end the discussion in between. The participants should not consider any assumption that the GD will be conducted only for 15 minutes.

A candidate among the group who has is confident can initiate the discussion. It is not pre-known that who will start. Anyone can initiate the discussion. As soon as a candidate starts, the next candidate begins expressing his/her perspective about that topic. Similarly, everyone needs to express his/her views.

The panelists or judges can ask anyone to conclude the discussion at last. Hence, everyone needs to be active during the discussion.

GD Topics

Group discussion topics

Here, we will discussion the important and latest group discussion topics under the following categories:

  • Group Discussion topics on current affairs
  • Group Discussion topics for MBA
  • Group Discussion topics on abstract topics
  • Group Discussion topics on General Awareness
  • Group Discussion topics on Business and Economy
  • Group Discussion topics on Education
  • Group Discussion topics on social Issues

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