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Group Discussion topics for MBA

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a post-graduate degree offered by various institutes. It is a two-year program opted after graduation. The MBA degree can be pursued by anyone irrespective of stream. The requirements for top colleges, such as IIMs, are CAT qualified. The graduation degree can be B.E,, B.Sc, etc.

Group Discussion is a part of the selection in top colleges. GD is a powerful method to test the personality and soft skills of a candidate. The CAT does not ensure admission to top colleges. The admission process includes other interviews as a part of the process. It varies depending on the process of different institutes.

Group Discussion topics for MBA

The general admission procedure comprises CAT, an interview, and a group discussion. Hence, a candidate needs to prepare well before performing in a GD.

The topics given to an MBA aspirant can be related to economy, business, politics, general awareness, current affairs, education, and social issue. Hence, everyone should be aware of all these concepts and related information.

The GD topics for MBA discussed here will give a basic idea related to a particular topic. We can elaborate or add information as per our knowledge.

Note: We should always ensure to speak with respect to the topic. The information should not be expressed out of the topic.

Group Discussion topics for MBA

Let's discuss group discussion topics for MBA.

Topics Information related to the topic
How effective are Bitcoins as Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin is one of the successful Cryptocurrency that is used as an investment. We can also use trading, mining, etc., to make money with Bitcoins. A person anywhere in the world can invest in Bitcoin.
The profit is earned when the percentage value of the Bitcoin increases. It charges no investment cost. It offers great liquidity and protection from fraud.
Knowledge is the biggest asset we can collect. Knowledge is the power and a precious asset that helps us make essential decisions to lead us to a happy and successful life. Education and experience have a significant role in expanding the knowledge of an individual.
Knowledge also expands by sharing.
It is something that can never vanish, reverse, or decrease. Knowledge always increases. It is required at every stage of life ranging from health, cooking, job, business, driving, traveling, etc.
How is the climate changing as per the increasing technology? The technology includes networks, resources, machinery, fossil fuels, etc., to predict climate change. The burning of fuels causes carbon emissions, which increases the atmosphere's temperature.
Energy-efficient technology, such as lithium-ion batteries and other storage cells, is made of toxic materials. It also adversely impacts humans and the environment.
What are the facts or causes of poverty in India? The causes of poverty in India are poor education, inequality, unemployment, inadequate access to freshwater and food, conflict, lack of infrastructure, poor governance, discrimination, unequal wealth distribution and rights, poor access to healthcare, financial stress, lack of money, etc.
New India in 2022 The 2022 in India will bring an access to easily available vaccination to all the people of the country to prevent from COVID-19. India hopes for a corruption and poverty-free country.
India will see a lot of changes in the government schemes and policies, increased employment, etc.
Economic slowdown due to the impact of COVID-19 The economic slowdown has affected not only the Government but also the local people of the country. The most affected ones are the poor or the people below the poverty line.
Covid is considered one of the greatest economic crises. It has increased the unemployment rate in many countries, such as United States, India, etc. It has also affected other sectors like tourism, automotive, transportation, restaurants, and retail.
Social Media - Pros and Cons Social media is a medium to reach large audience. It is easily accessible, low cost, source of information, and a platform to express one's potential or talent. The platform such as YouTube is also a source of income for most of the users.
Its disadvantages includes lack of face-to-face communication, increase of addiction, laziness, fake accounts, impact family relations, causes distractions, etc.
What is the impact on jobs due to Artificial Intelligence? Most of the candidates are proceeding towards data science and artificial intelligence due to the scope and the advancement in technology. There are numerous roles and opportunities in the automation field.
The AI jobs require high kills candidates. It has empowered the human factor in handling complex data and situations. But, the offerings and selection will be premium to handle such complex automation tools.
Digital India Campaign The Government of India introduced a digital India Campaign to ensure the availability of services online. It was launched on July 1, 2015. It was created to spread internet connectivity across rural areas.
As of today, most of the rural areas have high-speed internet facilities available. The Digital India Campaign has also been favored by various countries, including Canada and Singapore.
Equality based on Gender Everyone has equal respect and right irrespective of Gender, caste, religion, etc. Hence, there should be no discrimination.
Societies that value men and women should also consider transgender as a part of society. All have equal rights to live and earn respect. Though everyone experiences inequality, gender equality needs to be part of life and humanity.
Why is Individual Data privacy Important? Every individual has the right to his/her data privacy. User exchanging data online has trust on the medium about the security and privacy of the data.
Most of the organization offers secure data privacy so that users can trust of their private data. Data privacy is essential because going in the wrong hands can be harmful to a particular user.
What are the advantages of Electric vehicles? The advantages of electric vehicles include no gas emissions, no fuel requirements, safe-to-drive; low cost compared to fuel vehicles, easily charged, low noise, etc.
Importance of Mental Health Mental health is the most important part of a healthy human life. It controls the actions of the whole body. It is all about how a human think, behave, work, and feel. Healthy mental health makes a person free to express the thought, feelings, ability to learn, active response, fulfill own needs, and a range of positive and negative emotions.
Relation of Mental health and physical health The mental and physical health of a human is interrelated. Mental health is about how a human think, behave, work, and feel. Physical health is about an active and healthy human body that can function well.
Poor physical health can adversely affect mental health. Similarly, poor mental health can adversely impact physical health. Hence, proper mental and physical health is required for the proper functioning of the human body.
Do India requires Bullet trains Bullet trains travel very fast at the maximum rate of 600 km per hour. India currently does not have any high-speed rail technology present. The highest speed of the Indian train is around 200 km. Hence, like other developing countries, it requires bullet trains.
Bullet trains have advantages such as faster speed, a high class of seats, reduced congestion, expand travel, etc. The Bullet train project named Mumbai-Ahmadabad is under construction. It is India's first-ever bullet train project, which will travel at a speed of 320 km/h.
Importance of Indian Railways India railway is considered the fourth-largest railway network in the world by its size. The network has a route length of around 67,956 kilometers. It is also considered the largest public sector in the country.
It is a network that connects India all over. It is the cheap and fastest mode of transportation. It can carry thousands of lakhs tones of good and thousands of lakhs of passenger a year from one place to another. A single rail covers multiple stations.
Hard work vs. smart work Hard works mean completing a task by spending a lot of hours. There are no shortcuts. It gives the desired results, but the process is long-term and often stressful.
Smart work also does the same task but in a short span of time if planned and prioritized correctly.
Both hard work and smartness are essential to achieve a goal. Hard work is the primary and initial step. It gives the experience to achieve the desired results.
Does traveling help in generating ideas and learning? In recent research, scientists specified traveling as creativity. Traveling helps us build positive thoughts and expand our thinking ability, leading to a happy life.
A person gets to know more as he/she travels. It is a mixture of creativity and ideas. It also develops the listening and speaking capability of a person. We face new challenges and faces new situations.
Knowledge vs. Learning Knowledge is the experience that we gain while expanding our information. Learning is a process to grasp information.
Knowledge is about gaining, sharing, and acquiring information.
Learning can be gained from books, schools, or colleges. We can acquire knowledge from the practical experiences of our life.
We can say that knowledge makes learning easier. An understanding of the knowledge about a topic is easy to learn.
Should reality shows be banned? Reality shows are the source of entertainment for most people. It is also a platform for various people to express their talent and earn popularity.
Though most reality shows create controversial stories and hide the audience's absolute truth, some reality shows often bring a positive impact on the audience.
Is the introduction of bullets trains in India a good idea? Yes. India is one of the developing countries of the world. It is the country with the second-largest population all over the world. India at present does not have any high-speed trains. Hence, the introduction of bullet trains is a good idea to bring high-speed trains.
Indian railways are one of the fastest and cheap modes of transportation. The Bullet train project named Mumbai-Ahmadabad is under construction. It is India's first-ever bullet train project, which will travel at a speed of 320 km/h.
How Banking scams impact the economy? Banking scams often impact the economy in various ways. The banking scams causes a sudden drop I the stock market, which further adversely affects the Indian economy.
It also affects foreign investments and the economic slowdown. Some of India's most common banking scams are the Harshad Mehta scam and the Nirav Modi scam.
Why people attracts towards organic farming as a business? Due to increasing health issues and the importance of nutrition in human life, organic farming and related products are in great demand today.
Organic farming is a method of cultivation of plants in a natural way. It does not involve the use of chemicals or pesticides for cultivation. It also reduces the amount of pollution and increases soil health.
People are proceeding towards organic farming for business and as a hobby. It is also one of the healthy way to grow crops. It is only because of better human health and the rising demand.

Other topics

The topics mentioned below are somewhat related to the above-specified topics. We can easily relate, add, or expand the information at our convenience. Let's discuss some of the common group discussion topics.

The impact of technology on the jobs

Why is the crime against women increasing?

Is India ready for a cashless economy?

The impact of social media on the human behavior

Woman empowerment

Coronavirus: Black Swan of the country

Union budget of India

Is the telecom sector trouble for India?

IT industry in India

E-commerce -Pros and Cons.

Performance of various policies introduced by the Government

Role of Agriculture in India

Does traveling help in generating ideas?

Social Media: A boon or bane

Pros and Cons of bullet trains

Importance of data protection

Is reservation a good idea?

Impact of Delhi riots 2020

India: The pharmacy capital of the world

Hyderabad: The pharmacy city

Lock and unlock phases of the lockdown

What was the impact of lockdown on the Indian economy?

Space research projects: is it a waste of money?

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