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Group Discussion topics on Current affairs

Here, we will discuss the latest and trending topics on current affairs.

Group Discussion topics on Current affairs
  • Post COVID world
  • India's COVID - 19 Vaccination
  • Impact of COVID - 19 on the Global Economy
  • Chinese App Ban
  • E -learning challenges
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  • Other topics

Let's discuss about these current topics in detail. We can add the information as per our choice. The information provided on a particular topic is enough for anyone to express in a GD.

Post COVID world

The COVID has affected the way we live, learn, and work. Many of us have felt the crisis. Some of us have also lost our loved ones.

People with low wages have suffered a lot in these difficult times. It has resulted in the decline of faith in a life of a human being.

  • It has brought the high requirement of the medical healthcare system in the country. Due to the lack of medical facilities, many people have lost their lives. It has also caused their loved ones to suffer.
  • The virtual world has helped to stay in contact with loved ones and needy people.
  • The post - covid will brought a lot of improvements in the medical healthcare of the country.
  • COVID - 19 may now be treated as the common flu until are the people are vaccinated.
  • The precautions of wearing a mask and social - distancing will continue in the post - covid world.
  • The drop in the economic sector will see a rise post - covid.
  • The importance of nutrition, exercise, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle will become a part of most generations.
  • The world will be alert of any upcoming virus and the procedure to deal with it.
  • The covid situation has introduced work from home, e-learning, online meetings, etc. It will become a part of the post-covid world.
  • International relations have really helped each other in this challenging covid situation. The post-covid world will focus more on maintaining good international relations.
  • The importance of insurance and related facilities also has increased and will continue after the covid situation.
  • Many people will meet their loves ones because they were unable to meet anyone during the pandemic.
  • The people will now start buildings that can be used during an emergency. Thus, post covid world will focus on building funds as a saving.
  • It has also realized the importance of sustainable development.

India's COVID - 19 Vaccination

The whole world is focusing on vaccinated people. India, at present, is facing the second wave of COVID-19 since February 2021. The government of India has introduced two vaccines named Covishield and Covaxin.

  • At the initial stage of vaccination, healthcare workers, municipal workers, and sanitation workers were given the vaccine. After that, people with age more than 45 were given vaccination. Now, people between the ages of 18 and 45 are being vaccinated.
  • In the beginning, people were not sure about the correct results after vaccination. Now, people are waiting to get vaccinated due to the rising number of covid cases.
  • India has sent over 500 lack covid vaccine doses to over 80 countries to help them curb COID-19.
  • After the second wave, India banned the export of vaccines and started vaccinated its own population. India has also ordered the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia due to the shortage of Covishield and Covaxin.
  • The vaccination drive in India is going at a faster to vaccine all the population as soon as possible.
  • The chances of getting affected the virus are same, but it prevents the vaccinated user from being severely affected.
  • Serum Institute who manufactured the vaccine units has recently set up its plant in the UK.
  • Proper measures are required to prevent the wastage of vaccines.
  • The vaccination is the only medium that can prevent people from the second wave or the upcoming third wave.
  • The vaccine trials will soon be implemented on the children as well.

Impact of COVID - 19 on the Global Economy

Covid- 19 has affected the economy of all the countries all over the world.

Group Discussion topics on Current affairs
  • Most of the countries imposed lockdowns to curb the spread of covid. Only essential were allowed with proper safety. Due to which, many businesses faced loss, and many people lost their jobs.
  • Some of the people are paid less due to these circumstances. Many organizations lost their contract with the countries on various projects due to a lack of money in the covid situation.
  • The second wave in India made the government impose a semi-lockdown in various areas except for contaminated zones. It was believed that a semi-lockdown could prevent the economy from a severe drop.
  • The flights between various countries were affected. Many people are away from their loved ones due to the imposed lockdown.
  • Some countries also suffered a loss from the import and export of goods. India was one of the countries that were dependent on other countries for some raw materials, such as electronic devices.
  • The global economy observes a drop of around 4.5% GDP due to the covid. It is almost equal to the 4 trillion UD dollars loss.
  • Industries fired several of workers in various countries.
  • It increased the unemployment rate in the countries.
  • The tourism sector also suffered from a loss due to COVID-19 in Italy, India, etc.
  • The claims under the unemployment insurance increased due to the lack of available employment.

Chinese App Ban

The Indian government, around September 2020, banned 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG, Tiktok, UC Browser, Shareit, etc. Under section 69a of the IT (Information and Technology) act, these apps threatened Indian privacy and security.

  • These Chinese apps were engaged in activities, such as the defence, integrity, sovereignty, and security of India.
  • As said by the governments, such Chinese apps were illegally exporting their user data information out of India. It can be a threat to the citizens of India. Hence, the government's ban was an essential step by the government to protect India's privacy.
  • The Chinese apps have a large user base in India due to the large population. It was the effort made by China to steal the India's information in order to become a Tech giant.
  • In 2017, the India Intelligence agency had advised Android/IOS users against the 42 apps linked to China. The Chinese apps are mostly accused of cheating and spying.
  • Such ban can affect Indian's too, who were earning income from these Chinese apps.
  • Most people were addicted to the use of Tik-Tok. Hence, the ban was somewhat beneficial in such cases.

E -learning challenges

The covid pandemic has increased the dependence of studies on the electronic medium of learning called E-learning. E-learning has various advantages for teachers and children. But, it cannot replace the benefits of sustainable classroom learning. Let's discuss the various challenges.

  • The practical classrooms were a way of interaction with various students, sharing views, and staying together in college. It helps the students to learn basic etiquette and manners. But, the online platform has hidden such opportunities for children.
  • The continuous exposure may cause strain on the eyes.
  • It has helped various students, employees, etc., of any age, learn online while sitting at their home.
  • The lack of internet facilities and personal computers or mobiles has made many needy people away from education.
  • The students in E-learning are not much active and serious compared to the classroom education. It has also increased the attraction of students towards mobile phones or laptops.
  • Sometimes, continuous sitting alone in front of the laptop becomes boring for the children.

The future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence refers to the simulation in machines that are programmed to think like humans. Its applications include automation cars, interpretation of humans, decoding complex data, high-level gaming applications, etc.

  • AI is developing as the day passes by. The advancement in research and science results in the advancement of new technologies.
  • These technologies create wonders, such as detecting human behavior, advanced logical reasoning, extensive data records, etc.
  • AI is also used in medical treatments in different fields, such as robotic surgeries, supporting clinical decisions, virtual nursing assistants, etc.
  • The robots created with the help of Artificial Intelligence are giving tough competitions to humans in intelligence games and competitions. It can be used as high security for personal purposes.
  • It also has drawbacks, such as human race extinction, loss of humanity, reduction in human labor, or increased unemployment. The AI can be misused if it falls into wrong hands.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

Group Discussion topics on Current affairs

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is also known as a self-reliant India campaign. On 12 May 2020, Prime Minister initiated the Abhiyan in order to make India self-reliant. Its primary aim is to make the local product of India global. The slogan was captioned as 'vocal for our local.'

  • The package announced was equal to 10% of the India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The approximate package for the Atmanirbhar Abhiyan was rupees 20 lack crores.
  • The five basic pillars of the Atmanirbhar bharat were Economic, Infrastructure, System, Vibrant Demography, and Demand.
  • The Government of India aimed to support Herbal Cultivation by spending around rupees 4000 crores over the next two years.
  • It aims to position India among the leading countries of the world in the defence and aerospace sectors.
  • The Atmanirbhar package will cover various sections, such as industries, laborers, middle class, MSME's, etc.
  • The insurance cover of 50 lakhs to be provided per health workers.
  • It aims to provide 1 kg free pulses to every household every month for a fee until three months.
  • Sanctioned around rupees 15000 crores for Emergency Health response package.
  • Free gas cylinders were provided to the eight crore low-income families for three months.
  • Around 40,000 crores were provided to the MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), which employs the returned migrants

Other topics

There are various topics based on current affairs. We need to learn some essential points before going for a Group Discussion. We can further expand that point during the discussion. It is because learning lengthy paragraphs will create confusion while speaking. Hence the basic idea about some important points is enough to crack a GD.

The latest topics are listed below:

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