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Group Discussion topics on social issues

Social issues are based both on social and economic issues. It is different from economic issues. Social issues also influence the people living in society.

The social issue can be a source of conflict in an open area where the social decision and perspective vary as per different citizens of the society. However, various methods can overcome social issues, such as voting for a leader, donating, charity, etc. The donation can be in the form of time, money, resources, etc.

Non-profit organizations are also created to solve the social issues of different societies. The social issue can be a community of various citizens that meet to conclude a solution by voting or debate.

The types of social issues can be personal issues and public issues. Personal social issues can be solved by a small group of family members or peers. Public issues require a community to solve the issue.

Group Discussion topics on social issues

Let's discuss the Group Discussion topics on social issues.

Poor Immunization cover in India Immunization cover is the process of measuring the immunization system of the country. Immunization refers to the process of making an individual body resistant to infection.
Due to the large population and lack of control measures, India has a poor immunization cover (providing vaccination) compared to other countries. In the case of COVID -19 vaccinations, the vaccination percentage in India is lower than in other countries.
Only a few districts of India have good immunization coverage. The major poor immunization infrastructure lies in poor people. Around 47% of the poor children are not adequately immunized.
The immunization cover can be improved by increasing the literacy rate, ensuring practices at a district level to immunize everyone, increasing awareness, improving healthcare facilities and systems.
Tobacco smoking is causing loss of many lives. It should be banned in India The release of smoke from smoking internally damages the organs of the human body. As a result, tobacco smoking increases the risk of various diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases, etc.
In India, more than 10 million of the population dies due to tobacco smoking. India is one of the significant tobacco-consuming countries. Other countries include the USA, Russia, and China.
Though, the caution of smoking is mentioned on its package. The rate of tobacco consumers is still high.
Air pollution in Delhi Delhi is one of the major polluted cities in the world. He rise in the pollution level in the city is due to the large population, heavy industries, combustion of fuels, large number of vehicles, open waste burning, greater construction activities, etc.
The citizens living in Delhi are more prone to respiratory or health diseases due to the amount of pollution present in the environment. Therefore, measures have been taken by the government to reduce the pollution level in Delhi.
Post covid world The COVID has affected the way we live, learn, and work. Many of us have felt the crisis. Some of us have also lost our loved ones.
People with low wages have suffered a lot in these difficult times. It has resulted in the decline of faith in a life of a human being.
It has brought the high requirement of the healthcare system, increased safety, increase in the importance of health and nutrition, advancement in virtual interaction, and money savings.
Higher education in India The higher education system refers to the education level at the universities or the degree level. The higher education system in India is well known for the top institutes, such as IIM's, IISc, and IITs. Moreover, these top institutes and universities are known for the standard education all over the world.
Delhi and Chandigarh are the two Union Territories of India that constitute the most significant percentage of country graduates. The education system of India is expanding as per the passing years. The other features of India's higher education system are distance learning, science, and technology, open education, etc.
Trolling through social media Some people try to offense other peoples by trolling them through social media. It is also defined as an act to create arguments or conflict via social platform. The message as a troll harms the emotions and concerns of various people created in order to hurt the people.
Trolling is not declared as a crime, but the task to bully, stalk, or harass other people are considered illegal. Therefore, such task of trolling should be prohibited in the country.
Child marriage should be abolished in India The age of marriage during the British rule was 14 for the girls and 18 for the body. But, after the independence, the minimum age criteria for marriage were set to 18 for girls and 21 for boys. But, the practice of child marriage is still practiced in most areas, especially in rural.
Child marriages indirectly lead to poverty. The boys and girls married at an early age lack skills, knowledge, and job aspects to feed their families and lift them out of poverty. It also has an adverse impact and an increase in the risk of diseases on the girls at an early age.
Gender discrimination is not specific to any class or caste in the nation Discrimination is not specific to any caste or class. It is created self by humans. Gender discrimination also refers to the political, health, education, and economic inequalities among the people.
Every person on the Earth has equal rights and respect. However, discrimination reduced the progress of women, harassment, assault, and the unemployment rate. It also creates pressure on the men to provide a source of income to the family.
It can be overcome by increasing awareness in rural and urban areas, promoting education and other rights to women and girls, women empowerment, equal rights, and abolishing child marriage and harassment.
Mental illness is more common in urban areas rather than in rural areas Mental illness refers to the disorder that causes the change in the state of a person's mind.
Though mental illness is more common in urban areas, it does not mean the people in urban areas are more prone while not in rural areas. It depends on the loneliness, stress, and tension. There are more cases of depression and anxiety in urban areas or semi-urban areas.
Other reasons for mental illness are overcrowding, pollution, noise pollution, high violence, and less social support. Mental illness can be reduced by sharing feelings, talking more to loves ones, being active, staying healthy, eating healthy, distance from smoking or alcohol, and staying happy.
Should physical education be compulsory is every school? Physical education is a part of the well-being of a candidate. It is a medium to access outdoor games or activities and provides a lot of information related to the health and method to stay healthy and fit.
It ensures physical fitness and outdoor activities in the school, which improve the state of mind and enhance the body's immunity. It means that physical activities support both the physical and mental health of a child.

Other topics

The panelist can give various social issues topics during the Group Discussion. These topics are used to judge the awareness of a candidate about the surroundings. Unfortunately, few topics have been discussed to provide a basic idea about that topic. The discussed information is according to the point. We need to ensure to avoid speaking out of the topic. Sometimes, a candidate generally goes out of the topic either in nervousness, overconfidence, or arguments.

The most common topics on social issues are as follows:

Why Anemia is affecting the urban society

Are celebrities mistreating ordinary people?

Indian states are poorer than the African states

Status of cleanliness is urban and rural areas

Declaration of instant triple talaq as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court was the right decision.

Why India lack knowledge and power despite having a large population

Is Indian culture decaying?

Job vs. Entrepreneurship

Freedom of Expressions

Impact of fake news on the society

Impact of video games on the young generation

Right of animals

The reason for suicides in India

The effect on pollution in rivers

Are examinations killing the education process?

Should yoga be made compulsory in schools?

How to tackle the growth in the rate of population in India?

Pros and Cons of the retirement benefits

How can the gap between rich and poor be removed?

Needs of giant statues in India?

The high demand for medical healthcare system after the covid pandemic

The balance between the personal and professional life

What is the impact on the commercialization of the healthcare system?

Importance of saving wildlife and environment

Should alcohol be banned in India?

Love marriage vs. arrange marriage

Importance of cleaning Ganga River

Impact of social media on children and youth

How to deal with the increase in cybercrimes?

Rural vs. urban areas

City vs. village

Impact on the Indian culture

How to solve the pending cases in the Indian courts

The impact of corruption on the people

Status of women in India

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