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Guduputani 2021 review


A few comedians in Tollywood have achieved success as actors. One of them is Sapthagiri, an actor who has achieved popularity by selecting original scripts. To keep us entertained, Sapthagirl returns with his most recent movie, 'Guduputani'. When the movie was out in theatres, it received positive to mixed reviews. The Indian Telugu-language film 'Guduputani' was released on December 25, 2021. The prominent actors in the K.M. Kumar-directed film were Sapthagiri, Raghu Kunche, and Neha Solanki. Under the auspices of SRR Productions, Parupati Srinivas Reddy and Katarai Ramesh Yadav have produced the film. KM Kumar wrote the script and the narrative.


The protagonists of the story are deeply in love; Giri (Sapthagiri) and Siri (Neha Solanki). They had no choice but to run away and get married. They made the choice to get married at an ancient goddess temple. They traveled to the temple as planned, but the priest decides they can only marry on a good day. So left with no choice, they both start to discuss their situation and unfortunately get stuck in the temple only. The plot twist occurs when antique goddess jewelry from several temples is stolen. The plot is based on what is occurring in the temple.


Sapthagiri is the main star of 'Guduputani' from start to finish. Neha's outstanding performance in the movie steals the show. The other actors in the movie executed their parts just as well.


'Guduputani' is a compelling and enjoyable film. Hero Saptagiri performed admirably with his typical acting style. Raghu Kunche, who plays a substantial character, would thoroughly entertain the viewers throughout. The movie is a suspenseful thriller with humorous and terrifying moments. It is a comprehensive family entertainment produced on a considerable scale.

Guduputani 2021 review

The 'Guduputani' movie starts with a heist. Some burglars, capable of targeting pricey temple decorations, attack temples and steal jewelry. The police arrive to investigate the case. On the other hand, Neha Solanki, the love interest of the protagonist actor Saptagiri, runs away with the hero because it's the only way they can stay together. They choose to get married in a revered temple since they are so much in love. A renowned criminal gang visits the temple where they are being married to commit robbery. The rest of the movie focuses on what will happen to their marriage and Saptagiri's pursuit of the perpetrators.

Saptagiri is a character designed to thoroughly entertain the viewers. People will certainly be drawn into the movie by his signature acting style, comedic punches, slapstick language, and suspenseful turns of events. This movie is undoubtedly a successful choice made by Saptagiri. Raghu Kunche is also a star performer in the movie. His acting technique and persona thoroughly entertain the viewers. One of the movie's main centerpieces is his role. Neha Solanki, the heroine, shocks the audience with her attractiveness. Other actors who performed in the movie did justice to their roles.

The film, a gripping thriller, heavily features music. This movie has advanced thanks to the background music. The screenplay is compelling, the locations are vivid, and the cinematography is flawless. The filmmaker Kumar is solely to compliment for the immense appreciation and success of the movie. The film looks to have been produced with top-notch resources. The suspenseful thriller 'Guduputani' features both humorous and terrifying turns. The movie is an emotional roller coaster and overall, it can be referred to as a recent good movie that can prove to be a good experience for people who love comedy and enjoy thrill.

If we focus on the positive points of the movie, we can count a lot of them such as the characterization of the actors and immensely good performance delivered by them, the interesting storyline that includes a very compelling second half of the movie, the funny music that makes the movie stand out as well as the excellent production quality and aesthetics used in the movie.

The negatives are few but they are there such as the screenplay that might seem as if it is compellingly written, the first half of the movie needs polishing as well as the villain narrative in the movie appears ineffective.


Sapthagiri Guduputani delivers one of his most outstanding performances in an entertaining movie with a strong plot. The humorous tune is also excellent. Good twists and turns in the second half will keep the viewer hooked and interested. Good production values and visuals are clearly visible in the movie. However, this movie has several flaws, including the predictable first half and the villain characters. Despite this, Sapthagiri Guduputani turns out to be a compelling suspense movie.


Sapthagiri returns with his latest film, 'Guduputani', which received mixed reviews. The film follows the love story of Giri (Sapthagiri) and Siri (Neha Solanki), who travel to a temple to marry on a good day. The plot twists when antique goddess jewelry is stolen. Sapthagiri, Raghu Kunche, and Neha Solanki star in the film, with Raghu Kunche playing a significant role. The film is a suspenseful thriller with humor and terrifying moments and is a comprehensive family entertainment produced on a considerable scale. A variety of twists and turns are present in the movie and they make this movie worth a watch. The film features music, comedic punches, and suspenseful turns, making it an emotional roller coaster with Sapthagiri as the star, proving itself as a decent movie to watch.

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