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GUI testing tools

GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing tool is used to find the defects that happened in the design phase, which enhance the quality of the software. With the help of these tools, we can identify the loopholes quickly rather than performing GUI testing manually. We will test the application based on application performance, which is related to mouse and keyboard actions, and some of the GUI items like buttons, toolbars, Dialog boxes, Menu bars, and the edit fields.

Following are some essential strategies that we can perform under GUI testing:

Navigation validation, verify the check screens, data integrity validation, verification of usability situations, and also check the numeric, date field formats.

Some of the following GUI testing tools are as follows:

  • Eggplant
  • AutoIT
  • Ranorex Studio
  • Squish
  • RIATest
GUI testing tools


Eggplant is a GUI test automation tool, which is developed by Test Plant. It is a licensed tool. To execute the end-to-end testing process, eggplant can be integrated into the micro focus quality center, Jenkins, and IBM rotational quality manager. It will use the two-system model, where the first one contains the controller machine where scripts are written and executed, and another one is SUT (system under test) that runs on the VNC server.

GUI testing tools

Features of Eggplant tool

  • It supports various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It includes everything from the most modern highly dynamic websites and the legacy back-office systems to the point of sale and command and control systems.
  • It can test any devices such as browser, operation systems, form UI to APIs to the database.


It is a freeware scripting language that is used in the Microsoft windows. It is creating the Graphical user interfaces, which contain the input boxes and message.

GUI testing tools

Features of AutoIT

  • It will execute on the console application and access the standard streams.
  • It will provide the Add-on libraries and modules for the specific application.
  • It is used to manipulate windows and processes.
  • It will contain the data files in the compiled files to be extracted when running.
  • It will support the COM (component object model).

Ranorex Studio

It is the most widely used GUI Test Automation tool, which is developed by Ranorex GmbH, and it is used to test the mobile, desktop, and web-based applications. It supports the development of the automated test modules, which are written in VB.NET and C# programming languages. It will provide cross-browser testing for multiple browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

GUI testing tools

Features Ranorex Studio

  • It can execute on the Windows Server and Microsoft Windows.
  • It supports various web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, Flash, Ajax, HTML5, and Silverlight, and so on.
  • Ranorex Studio will support native Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • It will produce the customize test reports with the video reporting of the test execution.
  • It will provide consistent object identification.
  • It will generate the reusable code modules, shareable object repository, and also reduce the maintenance cost.

For more information about Ranorex Studio, refers to the below link:


It is a commercial cross-platform GUI testing tool, which is produced by Froglogic, and it is used to test the application based on the diversity of GUI technologies that contains Flex, Android, JavaFX, Qt, and so on. It will support various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and QNX. With the help of the Squish tool, we can run the sets of scripts and analyze the complete logging and performance results.

GUI testing tools

Features of Squish

  • It will provide test verification and validation.
  • It has the power and inbuilt test creation environment.
  • Squish had record and playback options.
  • It will support behavior-driven development and compatible with the Gherkin language.
  • It is used to map and identify the objects which help us to produce stable and robust test scripts.
  • It will provide the advanced verification options of elements and groups of controls.


It is another GUI testing tool, which is used to test the adobe Flex applications, and it also supports Flex 2, Flex 3, Flex 4, and AIR applications. It is a licensed tool which provides the modified error handling, overthrowing an exception or logging the error. It will highlight the syntax, which makes our test scripts more comfortable to write and readable.

GUI testing tools

Features of RIATest

Following are some standard characteristics of RIATest tool:

  • It will support the Flex, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML applications.
  • It will provide the advance automatic and manual synchronization abilities which save our time.
  • Its built-in script debugger will help us to identify to resolve the error in our test scripts.
  • The action record features are used to record the end-user actions when the application is under test and generate human-readable test scripts.

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