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Gumraah Review


In investigating a young man's murder, the police discover a surprising development: the primary suspect has a doppelganger. This Hindi-language film falls under the action, crime, drama, mystery, and thriller genres.

Gumraah Review

Are you Aware?


Based on actual global occurrences involving identical twins who were acquitted in several nations because of a lack of proof of the alleged crime.

The 2019 Thadam remake features a soundtrack composed by Vishal Mishra. The song "Soniye Je" includes lyrics written by Mishra and is performed by him.

Good Things

Mrunal Thakur is putting in much effort to make this movie appear intelligent.

What Hurts

The story takes various convenient routes before reaching an unexpected and inappropriate climax.

Break Time

The event's second half follows a similar pattern to the first half, with no significant or new occurrences. However, there is a brief interlude included.

See Movie or Not?

If you're still determining whether you'll like the entire movie, you can wait for its release on OTT and watch a portion of it to help decide.

The movie is in Hindi language and Now playing in local theaters.


The police apprehend a suspect after a man is found murdered in his home, only to discover that the suspect has a lookalike out and about. The investigation into the identity of the actual murderer and how these two individuals may have such a similar appearance begins.

Script Analysis Review

Gumraah Review

This month has seen the release of the second Whodunit movie after Gaslight. Unfortunately, the genre has received sloppy additions lately, making solving it more challenging. Have you ever read stories that reveal the murderer in the opening scene and then spend the rest of the plot trying to uncover their motive? Gumraah is one such film that tries to be clever but gets tangled in its confusing scheme, along with other poorly executed works in the genre.

The movie Gumraah tells a simple murder story with a basic script by Aseem Arora and a story by Magizh Thirumeni. The plot becomes slightly complex towards the end. The victim is an unimportant individual killed by someone dressed in an overly dramatic "Killer" outfit who manages to escape cleverly. The police catch the murderer the following week after an interrogation like the TV show CID. However, the police run into trouble when two individuals unexpectedly show up.

In this story, Vardhan Ketkar and Aseem add unnecessary complexity to the plot. Arjun, played by Aditya Roy Kapur, is disliked by a man named Ronit Roy because he helped Ronit's daughter elope. However, this detail only adds a little to the main story.

The story often takes convenient shortcuts, and things happen with little explanation. For example, the two Adityas are taken by the police, but no one seems to be looking for them, even though they both have connections. It needs to be clarified why this is the case.

The last revelation segment is a great standalone read with intriguing content worth acknowledging. However, it has no connection to the main story and lacks coherence as the story jumps from one setup to another. The incidents are brief and don't interconnect; the songs played to move the story forward have little impact. Furthermore, the art department has some issues to address. When exposed to air, blood reacts with oxygen and changes color from red to brown. In this case, the blood resembles a lipstick smear, which is inaccurate.

Star Performance Review

Gumraah Review

We need to discuss Aditya Roy Kapur's double role in the movie with the art team. However, his portrayal needs more depth as he wears two distinct clothes, has strange tattoos, and has no change in his appearance or hair. Kapur attempts two different speech styles but fails to maintain them throughout the movie and ignores them in the last act.

Unfortunately, the screenplay does not support or enhance his performance. Ronit Roy's performance is still reminiscent of his role in the movie "Udaan," but he has not improved much since then. Mrunal Thakur, who has a dual role in the movie, is the only actor who creates a sense of depth in her performance. While Deepak Kalra and Mohit Anand are decent in their roles, they are given little to explore.

Direction and Music Review

The presence of Vardhan Ketkar diminishes the overall excitement of the movie. Although he incorporates some vibrant lighting, the film eventually loses its serious tone, which is noticeable to the audience. The story could be more consistent, and the abrupt transitions exacerbate the issue. The music is average and typical, while the cinematography lacks consistency.

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