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Gurugram University

The Haryana Act of 2017 authorized the establishment of Gurugram University, a state university, and its operations began in the 2018-2019 academic year. In Gurugram's Sector-51, surrounded by a huge, verdant campus, students from every region of the country, social group, and stratum will live, study, and play. The University has instructors and other support and service workers who will cater to the varied demands of students and the campus. This will enhance learning and imbibe the best practices among students. In addition, the University offers facilities of a world-class standard. These facilities will be continuously evaluated and modified to reflect the most recent trends and advancements in higher education.

Gurugram University

The institution offers a variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of life sciences, information technology, commerce and management, the humanities, and social sciences. In addition, it provides Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in five distinct areas of concentration, with entrance decided by performance on an examination administered by the institution.

There is a merit-based admissions procedure for both undergraduate and graduate programs. The admissions procedure at Gurugram University is carried out entirely via online means. There are a variety of selection procedures and requirements to meet to be eligible for each course.


  • To evolve into a centre of knowledge and progress that is both socially aware and technologically advanced, it will be ready to meet the challenges posed by global change, and it will be dedicated to providing its instructors with the resources necessary to foster the growth of its students.
  • To move up by making international alliances and working on projects to reach global excellence.
  • To create a strict academic and research environment where new knowledge can be made and existing knowledge is always improved.
  • To establish an atmosphere that encourages independence, empowerment, creativity, scientific enthusiasm, and invention to cultivate individuals in a fulfilling and inspirational way.


Through a focus on the needs of its students, Gurugram University wants to be an international leader in education. Its mission is to serve as a benchmark for academic innovation, institutional leadership, transcultural learning, intellectual development, cutting-edge research, capacity building, and the cultivation of socially and ethically responsible students. The University works on its students' academic, life, technical, and industry skills to go from being a student to being the best disciple.

The Gurugram University Staff and Infrastructure

Gurugram University

The students of Gurugram University have various options available to them in terms of courses, and the University is well-equipped to support those options. The educational facilities on campus include contemporary lecture halls outfitted with air conditioning and internet access. It is equipped with cutting-edge scientific equipment and labs where various experiments may be conducted. In addition to offering instruction of the highest possible standard, the institution has several liveable accommodations for its teaching faculty. The University will provide financial aid in the form of scholarships by its established policies. Learning at this University would assist students in developing their personalities and enhancing their skill sets, which would contribute to developing a strong country.

The University will contribute to the growth of society as a whole by ensuring that both the educational experience and the research conducted there are of the highest possible standard. To help its students succeed academically, the University offers several scholarships and research programs. Here is what you can expect from the University if you enrol there.

  • Hostel: Students from all over the country enjoy living on campus and in hostels in Gurugram City. Those who want to reside on university grounds while maintaining convenient proximity to the main campus should consider using this residence option. Its amenities include a contemporary library with internet access, air-conditioning reading rooms, and contemporary scientific instruments. In addition to having extremely nice residential amenities, it also has a strong academic faculty.
    Hostel living has several benefits, one being a suitable environment for academic pursuits. It offers sanitary accommodations of a high standard, with separate areas cleaned and maintained for males and females, respectively. In addition, students staying in the hostels have access to eating areas and a shared common space for sporting activities. Each room in the hostel has a generator that provides electricity around the clock, and there is a security guard on duty around the clock. For storing books and other materials, the hostels provide plenty of room.
  • Library: Students at the University would have access to a high-quality library that is completely air-conditioned and has internet access. The library has a comprehensive collection of literature covering all of the topics covered in both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study. In addition to high-quality domestic publications, the library plans to include a selection of prestigious foreign journals and magazines.
  • Sports: Every student at the University gets access to the University's excellent athletic facilities. Students would be encouraged to participate in various sports and games offered by the University, contributing to their overall growth and development. The University would also host a wide range of sporting events and activities. It would be possible to play sports such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton, among others, on the many courts and playgrounds that were accessible.
  • Cafeteria: Gurugram University's cafeteria is located directly on the main campus, offering discounted meals to its students and workers. Each person's dietary needs and preferences are considered at the Gurugram University cafeteria.

Extra Infrastructure and Accommodations at Gurugram University

  • Auditorium
  • Medical/Hospital
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Laboratories


The institution has offered all the students various courses at the University placement aid. MBA graduates have been offered jobs at major firms with starting salaries of INR 3 LPA. Roughly ten percent of students in their last year found employment, and the range of salaries they were offered was from 3 to 2.5 Lakh rupees per year for the top package.

In the marketing and sales sector, PGDM graduates have a 100% placement record, with the top salary package coming in at INR 10 LPA and the average income package coming in at INR 7 LPA.

Scholarships and Other Forms of Financial Assistance Offered by Gurugram University

  • A concession of 50% of the total fee (except for the examination fee) may be allowed for university employees and their dependents (children, parents, siblings, and spouses who do not work and are wholly dependent on the employee and live with the employee) in all programs offered by the University Teaching Departments (except the doctoral program).
  • A family with no sons may get a discount on their daughter's college tuition of up to 50 percent for undergraduate and graduate study.
  • Students who lost their parents to the COVID epidemic and applicants in the BPL category are exempt from paying any portion of their tuition fees.
  • The Entire Cost of Teaching Concessions may be granted to students who are eligible based on the recommendation of the Chairperson of the Departments and the approval of the Vice Chancellor in difficult and genuine cases. The maximum number of students eligible for a concession is 10% of the intake population, and they must fulfil the following conditions:
    1. Whose family income is less than 2.5 lakhs rupees per year (the student is required to show an income certificate or affidavit)
    2. Who has a minimum of 75% attendance (on the date of application submission).
    3. Those individuals who have completed all of the prior tests associated with the relevant program.
  • If an employee of Gurugram University passes away while on the job, their dependents and spouse will be eligible for the following privileges:
    1. Reduction in the total amount of the tuition charge.
    2. 75% discount off the Development Fee.

The Application Process for Undergraduate Study at Gurugram University

A Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is an undergraduate degree that typically takes four years to complete. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the area of engineering might benefit from taking these courses. Students who have completed the 12th board exams are eligible to pursue this degree at Gurugram University. Each applicant's performance on the University's preferred entrance test will be considered part of the admissions process.

Students at Gurugram University who have received a score of at least 50% in either PCB or PCM are eligible to enrol in the B.Pharma program. Based on merit, students who have earned the highest scores in the qualifying entrance exam will be allowed to apply to the B.Pharma program.

Gurugram University allows students to get a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. Students with a high school diploma or equivalent with a passing grade point average may enroll in these programs. Biology is a required course for all students.

The Application Process for Postgraduate Study at Gurugram University

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Gurugram University is considered one of the most challenging academic opportunities available to students there. Candidates at Gurugram University who have earned a bachelor's degree with a grade point average of at least 50% are eligible to apply for this program. For students to be considered for admission, they must also do well on the admissions test.

The Master of Science degree is available from Gurugram University in many specializations. Students who have already earned their bachelor's degree in science or another comparable field are eligible to apply for entry into this program. Gurugram University provides students with several different M.Com program options. The Master of Commerce, or M.Com, is a graduate-level business degree. Students must have a bachelor's degree from an institution approved by the University Council to be considered for admission to this program. In addition, students are expected to have a degree in a field related to their studies.

How to Fill Out the Application

  • Those interested in attending Gurugram University should visit the official website.
  • The prospective student must begin by going to the Admissions website and selecting "Apply Online" from the drop-down menu. The "Apply Online" button will display a registration form on your computer screen.
  • At this point, students need to take the initiative and register by filling out their personal information. A user ID and password will be assigned for enrolling in the academic program.
  • After the student has successfully registered with Gurugram University, they must log in with the provided credentials and choose the program they are applying for to continue with the application process.
  • The next step is for the student to fill out all necessary fields as stated in the guidelines. Make sure you save the application by selecting the "Save As Draft" option before you exit.
  • The students can make changes to the application by selecting the "Edit" option, seeing the "Preview," and eventually submitting the application by selecting the "Finish and Make Payment" choices when the verification has been completed.
  • The applicant must pay a 500 rupee application fee for each course. To complete their online payments, students may click the "Finish and Make Payment" button, which will take them to the Payment Gateway.
  • Once the money has been processed successfully, the students will no longer have access to the application form to make any changes to the information included.

Required Documents to Fill Out an Application Form

  • Tenth Grade Report/Passing Certificate
  • Passport-Sized pictures
  • Digitally Signed and Imaged Signatures
  • Verified Email ID
  • Cell phone number
  • Caste Certification
  • Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education (12th Grade Certificate)
  • Certification of the Transfer (TC)

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