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GWT Panels

In GWT web application, panels are used to design user interface of the application. To layout their child widget GWT Panel uses HTMP elements such as DIV, TABLE etc. It is used to define the layout of the user interface in the browser.

Basic Panels are enlisted below:

  • Root Panel: It is the top most panel where all other widgets are attached to it.
  • Flow Panel: It is the simplest panel which provides basic HTML layout.
  • HTML Panel: It is enclosed with specified HTML contents.
  • Form Panel: It specifies that any widget declared in this would be wrapped in HTML form element.
  • Scroll Panel: It puts all the content in scrollable area.
  • Grid: It helps to create HTML table.
  • Flex Table: It extends HTML table like GWT GRID but can be use to create table on demand.
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