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GWT ScrollPanel

GWT ScrollPanel wraps the content into a scrollable area. We can create different types of scroll panel using ScrollPanel constructors. This class is located into package.

GWT ScrollPanel Class Declaration

GWT ScrollPanel Constructors

Constructor Description
ScrollPanel() It creates an empty scroll panel.
ScrollPanel(Element root, Element scrollable, Element container) It creates an empty scroll panel using the specified root, scrollable, and container elements.
ScrollPanel(Widget child) It creates a new scroll panel with the given child widget.

GWT ScrollPanel Common Methods

Modifier and Types Method Description
void ensureVisible(UIObject item) It ensures that the specified item is visible, by adjusting the panel's scroll position.
int getHorizontalScrollPosition() It gets the horizontal scroll position.
protected Element getContainerElement() It override this method to specify that an element other than the root element be the container for the panel's child widget.
int getHorizontalScrollPosition() It gets the horizontal scroll position.
int getMaximumHorizontalScrollPosition() It get the maximum position of horizontal scrolling.
boolean isTouchScrollingDisabled() It check whether or not touch based scrolling is disabled.
protected void onAttach() This method is called when a widget is attached to the browser's document.
void setHorizontalScrollPosition(int position)td> It sets the horizontal scroll position.
void setSize(java.lang.String width, java.lang.String height) It sets the object's size.
void setVerticalScrollPosition(int position) It sets the vertical scroll position.

GWT ScrollPanel Example



GWT Scroll Panel
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