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GWT SplitLayoutPanel

GWT SplitLayoutPanel is similar to the GWT DockLayoutPanel, except its children sizes are always specified in absolute value. Its child widget has splitter in between each widget which help user to drag widget accordingly.

GWT SplitLayoutPanel Class Declaration

Let's see the declaration of

SplitLayoutPanel Nested Classes

Class Description
SplitLayoutPanel.HSplitter It splits the panel horizontally.
SplitLayoutPanel.Splitter Its is the common splitter.
SplitLayoutPanel.VSplitter It splits the panel vertically.

GWT SplitLayoutPanel Constructors

Constructor Description
SplitLayoutPanel() It construct a new SplitLayoutPanel with the default splitter size of 8px.
SplitLayoutPanel(int splitterSize) It construct a new SplitLayoutPanel with the specified splitter size in pixels.

SplitLayoutPanel Common Methods

Modifier and Types Method Description
int getSplitterSize() It return the size of the splitter in pixels.
void insert(Widget child, DockLayoutPanel.Direction direction, double size, Widget before) It adds a widget to the specified edge of the dock.
boolean remove(Widget child) It removes a child widget.
void setWidgetHidden(Widget widget, boolean hidden) It sets whether or not the given widget should be hidden.
void setWidgetMinSize(Widget child, int minSize) It sets the minimum allowable size for the given widget.
void setWidgetSnapClosedSize(Widget child, int snapClosedSize) It sets a size below which the slider will close completely.
void setWidgetToggleDisplayAllowed(Widget child, boolean allowed) It sets whether or not double-clicking on the splitter should toggle the display of the widget.

GWT SplitLayoutPanel Example




GWT Split Layout Panel 1

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