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Introduction GWT is a development toolkit for developing web application. JSF (Java Server Faces) is a Java specification for developing component based user interface for web apps.
Official Website
Technical Documentation You can get technical documentation of GWT on You can get technical documentation of JSF on
Developed By GWT is developed by Google. JSF is developed by Amy Flower's team.
Initial Release GWT is initially released in May 16, 2006. JSF is initially released in June, 2001.
License GWT is licensed under Apache License 2.0. JSF is licensed under Oracle.
Implementation Language GWT is build on Java Programming Language. JSF is build on Java.
Template Language GWT has UIBinder as template language AngularJS has HTML/template as template language.
Usability GWT has more users. JSF has limited user.
WYSIWYG-Editor GWT has this editor. JSF doesn't have this editor.
Framework GWT has MVC Restlet framework. JSF has Primefaces, Bootsfaces, ICEFaces, Omnifaces, Richfaces, ADF, AngularFaces as framework.
Design Pattern GWT has Model View Presenter Activities and Places. JSF has MVC (Model View Controller) as design pattern.
Code Generation GWT has code generation. JSF does not have code generation.
Dynamic Typing GWT does not have dynamic typing. JSF does not have dynamic typing.
Programming Paradigm GWT has Object Oriented programming paradigm. JSF also have Object Oriented programming paradigm.
Client Server Code reuse GWT has Model View Controller. JSF has MVC.
Cloud Platform Support GWT support via Google App Engine. AngularJS support via Oracle Public Cloud.
Request Per Second GWT can perform 5 requests per second. JSF can perform very fast request per second.
Client Synchronization GWT has client synchronization. JSF have client synchronization.

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