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Happy Birthday Movie Review

The promotion of "Happy Birthday" had a unique approach from the beginning. The film's marketing team created creative and distinctive promotions to introduce the audience to the unusual characters in the movie. The posters, character names, and appearances were all captivating.

Happy Birthday Movie Review

The trailer's unconventional editing highlighted the film's bizarre elements while obscuring the plot. Ritesh Rana, the movie's director, is teaming up with his "Mathu Vadalara" crew to create an excellent criminal comedy film.


According to a new rule passed by the country's defense minister, Rithvik Sodhi (Vennela Kishore), every person in India must always have a pistol with them. The whole nation acquires weapons as a result of the gun culture. In the movie, the cleaner (Naresh Agastya) of a well-known hotel in Hyderabad is hired to take the role of a lighter.

When Pasupuleti Happy Tripathi (Lavanya Tripathi) goes to a party at the same hotel, other men who want the same lighter kidnap her. The intriguing aspects of the narrative that develop as it goes along include the significance of the lighter, how the lighter is related to Happy, the housekeeper, and other characters, and why certain males are looking for the lighter.


Happy Birthday Movie Review

As the film's leading female character, Lavanya Tripathi is the ideal choice for the part of Happy Tripathi. She was allowed to explore her acting potential in this movie in a new setting and made the most of it. Happy is one of those roles that reveal more of Lavanya's acting side than her typical gorgeous aspect, which is confined to screen presence.

Once more, Ritesh receives all he desires from Naresh Agastya. The "Mathu Vadalara" actor Naresh also receives a perfect score in Happy Birthday. The movie's star turn belongs to Satya. The audience will undoubtedly like every aspect of his presence and performance on screen, including his emotions, speech delivery, facial expressions, and other actions.

In this movie also, Vennela Kishore has the exact superb comic timing and style. The best part from his perspective is the interview portion in particular. He also does a fantastic job of presenting the characteristics of transgender people.


The plot of 'Surreal Comedy,' Ritesh Rana's second comedy, is centered on the public's access to weapons and is based on an unreal, far-future concept. The action of the narrative takes place in the magnificent Ritz Hotel, where Ritesh has created various characters, each with unique characteristics and antics.

Naresh Agastya, Gundu Sudharshan, Viva Harsha, and other performers appear in the movie in various roles. Fans of Rana's work must see the narrative since it is a distinctive combination of surrealism and humor. Although the script structure is engaging, the many genre types and extravagant moments might make it look overcrowded on film. Happy Birthday's first half is refined and contains a few humorous moments, but the second half falls flat.

The plot could be more cohesive due to the writing and overabundance of characters, which adds to the overall chaos. The conclusion is tiresome, and the artistic decisions and editing make one's mind spin with boredom or frustration. Happy Birthday disappoints since it doesn't deliver a straightforward story from beginning to end while being a unique humor attempt.

Technical Aspect

Happy Birthday Movie Review

The "Happy Birthday" movie also uses Ritesh Rana's recognizable script structure from his debut picture. First, the story's basic premise is insane, and the later plot developments are far more intriguing. The telling of the tale from the perspective of the characters gives the movie's screenplay more substance.

Every time a new character is added, the tale takes on a new depth. Still, in the present situation, the filmmaker made a clever connection between the characters and the primary storyline. In the movie, Ritesh extensively examines this unusual scripting process. Ritesh gave the chapters, in this case, names based on the names of the primary protagonists.

Satirical and funny language from Rana pokes fun at urban culture. In addition, Ritesh elaborated on the TV program satire from his last movie, "Mathu Vadalara," in Happy Birthday.

Regarding the movie's technical features, the art department deserves full recognition for the unusual and fantastical set designs and patterns that go along with the ideas and components of the movie. The production quality is excellent. Kaala Bhairava and his director are on the same path. On the technical aspect, Bhairava is the other hero of the movie. The music in the background is perfect and connected. Suresh's cinematography gives this vibrant movie some personality.

Bonus Point

Lavanya Tripathi receives a significant role, and her performance will genuinely amaze you. She is eccentric, fashionable, and given the freedom to go all out in her outrageous avatar, which also contains a surprise. Lavanya seems stunning in the movie as well. Gundu Sudharshan has a significant part, and he has terrific comic timing.

The well-known comedian, Vennela Kishore, plays his part of the gay part with humor. The first half contains some fantastic meme moments, and the sarcastic humor looks good. In the second part, Vennela Kishore and Satya had a funny scene.

Satya, a comedian, is excellent in his role and attracts large crowds. He has excellent body language, comedy timing, and sentence delivery in the movie. The movie would have been dull and ridiculous without him. The filmmaker did a good job of setting up the intermission growth.

  • Artist's performances
  • Artwork
  • Screenplay
  • Music

Negative Point

When creating over-the-top comedy, the runtime should be precise, and the plot should be resolved quickly. Happy Birthday is, unfortunately, nearly two and a half hours long and takes a long time to complete. The audience's endurance is put to the limit in several sequences.

The movie's focus on gun culture was apparent from the trailer, yet the actual tale hardly mentions this element and instead uses it as a background. The film requires extensive editing since sequences in Lavanya's track seem to continue forever.

The film's humor was well-developed, and filmmaker Ritesh did an excellent job combining jokes and humorous social media references. However, his narrative could be more straightforward, and the film's nonlinear structure works against it to provide a dull impact.

Characters are nicely developed and formed; however, they don't provide any humorous entertainment. The filmmakers repeatedly told us the movie could be more logical since it is based on an improbable event. The audience still needs clarification on these over-the-top, impossible circumstances.

  • Uneven narration

Audiences Opinion

Overall, Happy Birthday falls short of the excitement built up. Although there is plenty of room for humor, the enjoyment is limited. However, the remainder of the movie is over the top and moves on endlessly. Vennela Kishore and Satya redeem the show with their funny performances.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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