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Hello World! Bash Script

As per the discussion in previous topics, let's move to create a first and basic Bash Script by using the given steps:

Step 1: Open the terminal. Navigate the desktop folder or directory using the cd command.

Step 2: Create an empty file as a shell script using touch command and name it as to execute. In the below image, you can see the created file with all the permission attributes in the darkened row.

Hello World! Bash Script

Step 3: Open the file using any editor or visual studio. For using editor gedit, type

Step 4:Now Code for the intended script, i.e., Hello World!

Where, Line 1 represents #! (shebang) and specifies the bash shell location.

Line 2 represents the commented line.

Line 3 represents echo command to print the output.

Step 5:Execute the Script prefixing with ./.

Hello World! Bash Script

It will throw the Permission denied error. Because the file has only read and write permissions but not execute permission, you can see it below:

Hello World! Bash Script

So we add the execute permission to the file using chmodcommand with +x option as

and finally, execute the script.

Hello World! Bash Script

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