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Heropanti 2 Review

Script Analysis

Some films, it is said, leave a foul taste in your mouth; this one, however, leaves blisters and sores. Sajid Nadiadwala penned the screenplay for this one, but deciphering this sci-fi drama that was decades ahead of its time is hard for us simple mortals. In the future, when archaeologists study 2022 and how people thought, they will find the DVD for Heropanti 2 during an excavation in Andheri West and realize how the epidemic altered people's thoughts. Even though Tiger Shroff's Bablu will not be using one of his ten heads, he is referred to as Ravana because of them.

Heropanti 2 Review

Even the "Choti Bachi Ho Kya?" craze has been forcedly dubbed over another language, which only highlights how funny memes are. Where credit is due, Kabir Lal's cinematography comes out on top of the tale's mayhem. Some action scenes are entertaining to watch up to a certain point, at which point you realize you also have a movie to watch. It is worse than Majnu Bhai's artwork when the action scenes are created around the movie instead of the other way around. I will only use three words to discuss AR Rahman's music. Therefore, I will add a few remarks regarding Jalwanuma now: Instead of wasting this with a video that will seem like any other party track featuring Tiger Shroff without music, Rahman should have just saved it for an Imtiaz Ali movie. It will not matter if you add the title track from Heropanti 2 to Jalwanuma's video.


Bablu is back with his Heropanti, boasting double dhamaka, rippling muscles, and six-pack abs. Since Bablu is an unstoppable one-person army on a mission to find the bad guys and kick them out to defend the world from cybercrime, the idea is, to be honest, predictable. But beyond this whole storyline, Sajid Nadiadwala's action-movie series Heropanti 2 offers a lot more to fans of the genre. After directing the Baaghi series, Ahmed Khan teams up once more with Tiger Shroff. The plot also takes a back seat as viewers get to see a hot actor perform a high-octane stunt battle, just like in his previous films. Following the interval, you can look forward to several daring stunts, exhilarating turns, as well as enough spice and explosions to keep you entertained.

The first half is off-kilter and the audience might need some time to get used to it. For the action set pieces in the film, Ram Chella-Lakshman Chella, Parvez Shaikh, and Kecha Khamphakdee excel. Still, it also features some incredible action choreography in which the protagonist and even his phone escape a significant explosion. Rajat Arora's writing eventually loses its appeal and assumes the sensibility of the readership. While attempting to be tremendously larger than life, the story loses its sense of reason and turns absurd.

Laila, the villain in the story, is all set to cheat the Indian government while working as a professional cybercriminal and amateur magician. CBI has employed Bablu to stop this catastrophic occurrence. Will Laila, who always appears to be ten steps ahead of everyone, be caught by Bablu? Will his love, self-made billionaire Inaaya Saran (Tara Sutaria), and Laila's sister lead him into more problems and hinder him? Or is it just a honey trap for Bablu or vice versa? As the narrative develops, information is revealed in layers, keeping the viewer interested. In order to give the movie a Hollywood-style production, Ahmed Khan and his action team designed the film's stunts to imitate the thrills you would frequently witness in movies like Mission Impossible and Fast & Furious.

Although the dialoguebaazi is funny and the action never stops, the film's standard plot is somewhat unsatisfying. Both the fast-moving action and Tiger's burning on-screen fury are captivating. The seeti-maar phrase "sabko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi" perfectly fits both his character and the stunts. Tara's contribution to the film is primarily restricted to helping to raise its glitz factor. In real life, it would be difficult for her to pull off running around in high heels with Bablu. Tiger and Tara appear friendly on TV together, but in real life, they lack the spark that makes conversations exciting. Nawazuddin Siddiqui excels in playing the part of Laila, a villain. He hypnotizes the movie characters, and his fantastic performance astounds the audience. Amrita Singh gives the narrative some humor.

As for the songs, AR Rahman's score enhances the drama's atmosphere, yet each song appears randomly. The most upbeat song among the others is "Whistle Baja 2.0," but you will not hear it until the very end of the film. Unexpectedly, Tiger makes his singing debut with the song "Miss Hairan." Like the average entertainer, Heropanti 2 delivers a little of everything, including action, drama, music, romance, and exotic settings. The script allows for various commercial movie features, but the action in the movie shines, giving Tiger's fans plenty to get their teeth into.


This movie is solely made for the people who enjoy a bit of everything in a movie and prefer to watch a tale instead of a concrete story. Tiger Shroff's role of Bablu being a one-man army is quite predictable and gets boring after a certain point. Although the action scenes keep the audience engaged, if you are not a fan of Tiger Shroff, you might not prefer spending your two hours on this one.

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