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History of Handshake

A handshake can convey a lot of hugs or a kiss. Handshaking was used to indicate religious devotion, finalize a business transaction or signal friendship throughout history. When we touch the stranger, we will become less beneficial and increase the chances of speared disease.

According to the popular theory on the origin of handshakes, a gesture of peace is started using the handshake. When we grasp hands, it will ensure us that the person is not holding a weapon, and when we shake our hands with others, it will ensure us that the other person is nothing hiding up their sleeve. In the ancient time, gravestones, vases appear the handshaking. Handshaking is also appeared in gods making deals, stone slabs in the wedding's sense, the arrival of newly dead to the afterlife, departing of young worriers for war. The utility of handshake catchall used in business alike, romance, friendship, and makes it difficult for interpretation. In this time, the image of handshaking is continuing to become popular.

From the 18th century Quakers, the popularity of handshake was propelled in America. The lasting power of the handshake has a scientific explanation. Israel's researchers had filmed handshaking in 2015 between hundreds of persons, which are strange to each other. After performing handshaking, researchers had found that a quarter of persons sniffed their hands. Finally, they introduce a theory that handshake is a kind of communication which is also done by animals using smelling each other and used to unconsciously detect chemical signals.

In the world, the most ubiquitous greeting is still the handshaking, but in the US (United States), it may be losing the ground. Until recently, young people and athletes use the gesture of the first bump. Now, this gesture is becoming more common. Older people also use this first bump gesture. The first bump is also liked by the president of the US. On the basis of a survey, we can say that 49% of Americans were not choosing traditional handshake greeting over the first bump. Using the first and lightly touching knuckles, the first bump was made. It is sometimes a pragmatic choice for many persons, but it is a more fashionable greeting. Many participants of the survey said that they are afraid of shaking hands because, through this, the germs can be caught. That's why they preferred the first bump over shaking hands. On the basis of public health concerns, handshaking is become out of style. The famous cheek kisses are paused by France because of the coronavirus or COVID-19 fear. As the impact of this virus, all business deals are using the elbow bump across the world.

According to the historian Walter Burkert, when we make any agreement, we can use words to clearly and quickly express it, but it will make effective only by the ritual gesture. According to this gesture, we will open our hands, stretch them out towards each other, and lastly grasping one another in a mutual handshake. Using the handshaking, humans showed to each other that their word was a sacred bond.

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