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Hotel Star Ratings Guide: 1-5 Star Hotels Explained

We all must have heard about five star hotels, four star hotels, three stars hotels, or two-star hotels, etc. But have you ever thought on what basis the hotels are rated with stars? It becomes more confusing when different websites show different ratings for the same hotel. Therefore, to solve this confusion, we will talk about the rating system of hotels in this article.

Hotel Star Ratings Guide: 1-5 Star Hotels Explained

The rating of the hotels becomes more important because the customer's decision to book a room in a hotel or not is greatly influenced by the rating of the hotel.

Let us understand the star rating system of hotels in detail:

History of the Star Rating System

To better understand the concept of the star rating system of the hotels, we should know when and how it was first started.

It all started in the United States of America a long ago. The motive behind introducing the hotels' star rating system was to promote road trips and tourism in the US. It is believed that the hotel rating system was initially incorporated in 1958 when an oil-based company named Mobil Corporation launched a Mobil Travel Guide. Additionally, the hotels got ratings in the form of stars based on certain pre-specified criteria.

Now, the Mobil Travel Guide is changed into Forbes Travel Guide and has expanded worldwide. Hotels worldwide are rated by anonymous inspectors, who use the set criteria to decide what rating should be given to a respective hotel.

However, it must be noted that there is no fixed international standard for rating hotels. Different countries follow different rating systems, and the websites available on the internet have their own different rating system. This makes the understanding of the rating system of the hotel more confusing.

Many attempts were made to fix an international standard to rate hotels, but all failed in the last. In some countries, the hotel association of the country decides and sets criteria to rate hotels of the respective country. One of the best examples of such a country is Germany.

Impact of Hotel Rating on Customers

While booking any hotel, the customers check various factors like the price of the hotel, the location of the hotel, the service of the hotel, and other facilities offered by the hotel. Also, the reviews and ratings of past customers have greatly impacted the customer's decision to more easily choose a hotel for their needs.

If the rating of the hotel is high, then the chances of booking a room in the hotel by the customer also become high. A higher rating means that the hotel offers very good services and facilities.

But, it should be noted that if any hotel has a low rating, it does not mean that some illegal activities have taken place in the hotel, but it could also mean that the hotel offers limited facilities or basic accommodation only. Staying in one-star hotels can also be enjoyed according to the limited need.

Understanding the Rating Concept: One-Star to Five Star

Generally, the hotels are rated in terms of the number of stars, like five stars, four stars, three stars, etc. Let us now understand what this actually means:

Hotel Star Ratings Guide: 1-5 Star Hotels Explained

1 Star Hotel and their Facilities

The hotels with a rating of 1 Star only provide certain basic facilities and services to their customers, which may include only a room with a bed and a bathroom. You cannot expect high-class facilities in such kinds of hotels.

They usually do not provide a built-in restaurant in their hotel, but there may be at least a restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. You cannot expect facilities more than basic ones. Also, the hotel may be at such a distance from where public transport could be easily accessed by the customers staying in the hotel.

2 Star Hotel and their Facilities

There is not much difference between a 1 Star Hotel and a 2 Star Hotel as the customer gets the basic amenities like a bed and a bathroom even in the 2 Star hotels. But unlike the 1 Star hotels, 2 Star Hotels are usually owned as part of a franchise or some hotel chain. In addition to a bed and bathroom, 2 Star hotels also sometimes provide some facilities like Television and a landline phone in their room. The front desk of such hotels is usually open 24/7. Such a hotel also provides additional services such as daily room services, but customers staying there may have to pay an additional fee to avail of this facility.

The customers may also get an on-site restaurant or dining area in 2 Star hotels, which is different from 1 Star hotels. If you are searching for budget-friendly hotels with some basic facilities and an on-site restaurant, then two-star hotels could be the best choice.

3 Star Hotel and their Facilities

3 Stars hotels are usually a part of a larger chain of hotels, for example, Marriott, Radisson, etc. The best part about 3 Star hotels is that they offer a wide variety of services like a swimming pool, conference room for business travellers, gym, better room services, valet services, public Wi-Fi, and others.

Even the rooms of such hotels are large in size and consist of Flat TV, Telephone, and high-quality furniture. The location of such hotels is usually near an expressway or at a place of local attractions.

To get a rating of 3 Stars, it becomes important for any hotel to provide comfort and better services to their customers. Simply put, 3 Star hotels no doubt provide much better services than 1 Star or 2 Star hotels.

4 Star Hotel and their Facilities

4 Star hotels are such hotels that offer almost everything that you need to spend a comfortable time in the hotel. It comes with a large number of amenities like multiple pools and luxurious rooms with dashing furnishing. All the high-class bathing products are offered to the customers in their bathrooms.

Such hotels' top priority is their customers' comfort, and they do so by providing high-class room services, on-site dining areas, or restaurants that offer quality food items. Such hotels are known for providing very pleasant guest experiences. They are not usually budget-friendly, but their quality of services justifies their charges.

5 Star Hotel and their Facilities

5 Stars are the highest rating that a hotel could get, and it is clear that such hotels are at the top of all the hotels. No doubt it is not for all to stay in such kind of hotels as they are too costly. These kinds of hotels are especially for rich people and families.

The quality of their services and comfort cannot be compared with any other hotel, as they offer the best comfort and even various on-demand additional services.

Not only are the rooms furnished with luxurious products, but the entire building is also decorated in such a way that you feel like you are in heaven. The rooms of such hotels are much larger; bathrooms are equipped with different styles of taps, showers and a hot bathtub.

All the bathing products offered in 5 Star hotels are of high quality, and they never fail to give the best experience to their customers.

Green Key International Certifications for Hotel Excellence

As the world is stepping towards making the environment more sustainable and free from those practices which are harmful to the environment, hotel industries are also stepping forward to contribute to it by making their hotels more eco-friendly.

They do so by adopting practices that may be eco-friendly and including the practices adopted for the disposal of hotel waste, proper water management, and using eco-friendly products. Based on such factors, hotels are also awarded by an environmental body named Green Key International.

There are some specific criteria based on which the Green Key Label is awarded to any hotel, which shows how eco-friendly that hotel is. People also prefer these hotels over others as they are more concerned about the environment, and the trend is shifting toward using eco-friendly products and adopting eco-friendly practices.

These hotels are the best way to minimize the harmful consequences caused by travel and tourism practices.

Online Travel Agencies and their Rating System

Because of the lack of one set international standard to rate hotels, it is already very confusing to understand the rating system. In addition, some online travel agencies have increased the confusion by setting their rating system. Different online travel agencies and hotel mega search engines use fake and false ratings, which they set only to mislead consumers.

On such sites, it shows that specific hotels have higher star ratings, but when you check the ratings of hotels on their official sites, there is usually a huge difference. Also, with ratings given by consumers on these sites, you will notice a huge difference in ratings as well as reviews of hotels. Such false sites do this to attract or direct new customers to certain hotels so they can earn a commission.

It is very important that the hotels show some integrity and not mislead the consumers by showing different ratings from what they have received.

Extracting the Conclusion

Undoubtedly, it is very confusing to understand the rating system of hotels because of the lack of an international set standard to rate hotels.

But if you are searching for any hotel to stay in, it is recommended to check the ratings and reviews other consumers gave in the past. This will help you choose the best hotel according to your needs, and you will not feel cheated. However, even this approach is not completely guaranteed, as paid review rating systems are also active on the internet these days.

Hence, the best option is to visit the hotel in person to check the facilities beforehand and only then take the decision to book a hotel room accordingly.

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