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How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites that has the biggest library of songs. When you want to add tracks on the background of your YouTube video content via commercial music, you need to take permission from the track owner. If you didn't take the permission of the track owner, your video content might violate U.S copyright law. The owner of the track may issue a copyright claim on your video content that results in blocking your video content. You can use copyrighted music on YouTube legally by just follow simple steps.

Open Youtube:

Go to your computer web browser and type in the URL box located at the top of the web browser. You will be navigated on the YouTube home page where you can upload watch and search a specific video of your own choice.

How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

If you are not automatically logged into your YouTube account, you need to enter your registered email address, followed by the password tab. There is also an option to connect with your Google account directly; it is up to you what you prefer. Choose either of these two options to log in to your YouTube account.

Once you entered your email address and password, click on the sign-in button to proceed.

Click your Profile icon:

Once you logged in to your YouTube account, you need to go to the profile icon. It is a circle like structure with your image located at the top right corner of the page.

How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

Click YouTube Studio:

If you click on the profile icon, you will see a drop-down menu appear you need to go down and select the YouTube Studio.

How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

Select Audio Library:

How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

Once you click on the YouTube studio, you will find a menu to the right side of the other feature option; you need to scroll down and select the Audio Library option.

Select the free music tab:

Once you selected the Audio Library, you will navigate to the new page where you need to select the free music tab.

How can you legally use copyrighted music on YouTube

Here, you will see a list of various music below the free music tab, scroll down the menu list and select any of the free music from the list to listen and examine the restriction of the song. You will find most of the song is free from any restrictions; you can undoubtedly use it in your video content. It may happen in some cases you may see you are allowed to use this song in your video content. Still, you need to follow some instructions described in the song. For example, if you are going to utilize any song in your video content, you must obtain a permit from the music composer and credit him/her in your video content description box. If you want to include any song in your video, then you need to click on the download option(shown by the downward arrow) located next to the song title.

Here, you are free to access any song and filter by a various option like genre, mood, instrument, duration, Attribution this option is located next to the track.

Finding Copyrighted Commercial Music, You Can Add to Your Videos:

Many users have shown their interest in using the YouTube commercial music polices section that is user-friendly and contains lots of new and popular songs that usually come with certain restrictions. It may be because certain countries ban that song, or the song composer may place Ads on your video content to monetize the use of music.

If you want to see the copyrighted commercial music list, then click on the Have different music in your video? Check its copyright policies placed in the bar located at the top of the audio library page. Once you clicked on the check its copyright policies, it will redirect you on the new page where you will see various music polices.

YouTube Restriction Types:

Each and every song listed in the music policies are followed by certain limitations that are set by the owner of the music to restrict the use of the song on youtube by users. The owner of the song can restrict the original track, as well as the cover track. It may include:

  • A comment where you can add your original track or cover track where you will see a notification that this song may be viewable worldwide is viewable everywhere except two countries, not viewable in 74 countries and other similar things. You don't want to choose the song that is restricted in any country; if you see the track is blocked in many countries, click on the entry to see the country list, which restricts your video.
  • You will see a note on your video content via Ads. This implies that music composers can put promotional Ads on your video in return for the use of the composer music. If you don't like the Ads of the music composer that monetizing your video content, then you may need to go for the free songs shown in the audios library because the major copyrighted track has this disclaimer.
  • In some cases, you may see that this track is not available for your video content, and a warning sign appears that your video may be blocked if you use this track to go with another free track don't use it.

Many videos are listed as viewable worldwide at the time of broadcasting like "Gangnam Style" from Psy and "Uptown Funk" from Mark Ronson etc. on the other hand, wiz Khalifa "see you again" is banned in 249 countries.

If you are using commercial songs legally on Your YouTube video background, then you need to be careful because YouTube doesn't give you the right to use it anywhere you want. Copyright holders have the right to change the permissions they grant for the music anytime.

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