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How do a picture and an image differ from one another?

An image is a representation of an optical process, whereas a picture is a painting or printed photograph. An image can also refer to the notion of a depiction of what something looks like. For instance, people frequently claim that they can visualize a dream.

How do a picture and an image differ from one another


A picture is an individual painting, sketch, or other representation of an object or objects on a surface, especially one that is considered to be a work of art.

A computer-generated sketch, painting, or another piece of art is called a picture. Any object, person, or place can be represented visually in a picture by placing it on a flat surface.

The word "picture" can be used to refer to any kind of visual imagination.


An image is an optical appearance or counterpart of an item that is created by light rays that are either reflected, such as from a mirror, refracted, such as through a lens, or fall after going through a small opening, on a surface. Such a display could alternatively be merely a subjective impression on the sense of sight, such as an after-image (q.v.), which is a mistaken image that is seen after focusing closely on a brightly colored object and has a complementary color to the object. When the rays from each point of the object truly meet at a point, the image created by reflection or refraction is referred to in optics as a real image; when they diverge as though from a point beyond the reflecting or refracting body, it is referred to as a virtual image.

A graphic, a picture, or any type of representation of a genuine object.

Any artificially manufactured or altered visual object or any artificially modified or altered visual object.

How do a picture and an image differ from one another

Example Sentences That Show You How To Use "Picture"

Let's now consider how we may use "image" in a more general context.

  1. Okay, I've finished drawing my picture now. I'd love for you to look at my newest illustration.
  2. My breath constantly stops when I see a picture of the surroundings!
  3. I adore what he did with this picture. Its craftsmanship is unmatched.
  4. What was going through the painter's head at the moment is much clearer to me now that I have this picture.
  5. Because it seems candid, as soon as each point of the object's rays
  6. Do you agree that this picture would look fantastic hung above our four-poster bed?
  7. The artist who painted this picture must be known to me! It's breathtakingly lovely.

The word "picture" is useful when discussing various media. It can be applied to photographs, sketches, and paintings alike. The more informal expression "take a picture" may also be used to describe someone taking a "photo".

Example Sentences That Show You How To Use "Image"

Let's examine the many applications for "image" and how you may add it to your vocabulary before we wrap up.

  1. These dolls were made in my image, and I anticipate that once people hear my music, they will sell like hotcakes.
  2. I've imagined him in my head, and I believe I can now draw him accurately from memory.
  3. To enable me to take a closer look at that image, I'd like you to download it once more from your hard drive.
  4. On my desktop, which image do you think looked the best?
  5. Now that I have a complete image of the problem, I will gladly make a decision.
  6. This image gives out all kinds of negative tones, which is why I don't like it.
  7. The company's image is not as important to you as you think it is.

When we wish to discuss a variety of topics, "image" works nicely. It can be used to discuss visual representations of objects or people, such as pictures or photographs, as well as broad concepts.

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