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How to Add Pins

  • Click on your profile picture and then click on "My profile".
  • N1ow click on the "red plus" sign. A box will pop up with two options to save pin, from web or your device. You can also directly click on the red plus button located to the left of notification button.
SMO How To Add Pins 1

If you add it from web, Pinterest will ask you to enter the link to the website you are pinning from. After entering the link, you will reach to images of the website. Select the image by hovering over it and click the "Save" button. In the next step (as shown in the image below) add description for the image and choose the board to which you want to pin the selected picture. It also allows you to create to new board to pin the image.

SMO How To Add Pins 2

If you choose to upload a pin from your device or computer. A box will apear and ask you to upload image. Clik on the upload and select an image from your device which you want to pin to the board.

SMO How To Add Pins 3
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