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How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume?

The cubic meter is represented by the symbol m3 or meter cube.

How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume

1 cm3 = 1000 litres

It is an SI unit of Volume. When a cube possesses a length of 1 meter. The side of the cube is equal, and so the Volume of the cube is

How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume

Volume = l × b × h


Length = l

Breadth = b

Height = h

Volume= 1 × 1 × 1

V = 1 m3 or 1 Cubic meter

Calculation of Cubic Meter Volume

It is the SI unit of Volume, and we know the Volume is calculated for the Liquids, Solids, and Air. For the three-dimensional figure, the Volume is calculated in cubic centimeters or cubic meters and is also heavily influenced by the unit's dimension.

Examples of Cubic Meter

Question: A girl is playing with the cubical block, and the edge length of the cube is 3 cm. Calculate the Volume of the cubical block.

The length of the cube 3.

The Volume of the cube = a × a ×a

= 3 × 3 ×3

= 27 cm3

Question: A tiffin box in the form of a cube has dimensions 5cm × 3cm × 2cm. Find the Volume of 10 such boxes

Answer: The given dimensions are:

L = 5 cm, B = 3 cm, H = 2 cm.

Volume of 1 box = l × b × h

= (5 × 3 × 2) cm2

= 30 cm2

Volume of 10 packets = (30 × 10) cm2

= 300 cm2

Question: A cuboidal gift is 10 m long and 8 m wide. How high must it be made to hold 380 cubic meters of a liquid?

Ans: Let the cuboidal gift height be "h." The given dimensions are length =10 m and breadth= 8 m.

The Volume of the cuboid is given = 380 m2.

The Volume of the cuboid = length × breadth × height

How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume

Question: The Volume of the tank is 50000 liters of petrol. Determine the breadth of the tank, if it has a depth and length of 10 m and 2.5m.

The given information is as follows:

Height of the tank = 10 m

Length of the tank = 2.5 m

Let us assume that the breadth of the tank is " b."

How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume

Question: A wall of length 10 m has to be constructed on the open field. The peak of the wall has to be 4 m and 24 cm broad. If this wall has to be constructed with bricks and measurements are 24 cm × 12 cm × 8 cm. Then determine how many bricks are required for the construction of the wall.

Ans =

We can calculate the number of bricks.

How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume

Now, we have to find the Volume of bricks and the Volume of the wall


Given dimensions of the brick are

Height = 8 cm

Length = 24 cm

Breadth = 12 cm

Volume of each brick= length × breadth × height

= 24 × 12 × 8 × cm2


Breadth of wall = 24 cm

Length of wall = 10m

= 10 × 100 = 1000 cm

Height of the wall = 4 m = 4 ×100 = 400 cm

The Volume of the wall = length × breadth × height

= 1000 × 24 × 400 cm2

How to Calculate Cubic Meter Volume
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