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How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India

Today, we are going to cover almost all the necessary details about Amazon Prime. We will explore its various features, how it benefits in terms of entertainment, and the steps to cancel its membership. Amazon membership is a membership program that includes a vast range of benefits that encompasses streaming entertainment, exclusive deals and alluring discounts on the product. To avail of all these facilities, all you have to do is to take a single subscription to amazon prime, and this will lead to a world of digital ecosystem where you engage yourself in the shopping and entertainment experiences.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India

Amazon Prime was launched in the year 2005, and since then, it has continued to revolutionize the way millions of people shop, stream, and engage with digital content. So, to have a lucid understanding of this topic of Amazon Prime and its method of canceling its membership, go through this topic carefully:

Types of Amazon Membership

Amazon prime offers different types of subscription and membership programs. Each type of membership has its own benefits and fee structure, and this helps a variety of users by catering to their needs and preferences. So before going for any subscription, go through the different kinds of subscriptions that Amazon Prime offers and choose according to your needs. Here are some different types of popular subscriptions that Amazon Prime offers, so have a look:

  • Annual Prime Membership: In this type of Amazon membership, the user gets the subscription for the whole year by paying once. This is beneficial for users who frequently shop on Amazon Prime and are also involved in other features like video streaming and Prime Music.
  • Monthly Prime Membership: In this type of prime subscription user gets the subscription for a month. This type of subscription is beneficial for those users who do not want to stick to a particular platform or want to try because he is a new users and want to explore.
  • Amazon Prime Student: This subscription method is beneficial for students because it provides many of its benefits at a discounted rate. However, to avail of this membership, students must register with the email ID provided by the college.
  • Amazon Prime for Business: This type of subscription is beneficial for small business owners or entrepreneurs. This membership provides many alluring discounts on eligible items.

Reasons for Cancellation

There could be multiple reasons behind the cancellation of Amazon Prime. Here are some of the common reasons why an individual cancels his Amazon Prime subscription, which are given below:

  • Financial Problems: Sometimes, a change in income, such as a loss of job or increased expenses, causes a user to reevaluate their expenses, and this leads to cutting unnecessary expenses.
  • Higher Fee Structure: Sometimes, users find the subscription charges too high and do not want to engage in subscription-type activities.
  • Competition: Due to the rise in competition in the digital world, it may be possible that the user did not find the Amazon Prime subscription as appealing as it did earlier. This could also be the reason for the subscription's cancellation.

There could be many reasons behind canceling an Amazon Prime subscription, so it's the user's personal choice, which depends on various circumstances, preferences, and priorities.

Alternatives to Cancellation

If you are thinking about canceling your Amazon Prime subscription, here are some other ways by which you can enjoy the benefits by solving your problem:

  • Shifting of Membership Level: If you are canceling your Amazon Prime subscription just because of the cost, you can either switch to a monthly subscription or register yourself on behalf of a student if eligible. These methods will help you reduce your costs, and you can continue enjoying your benefits.
  • Sharing of Membership: If you use Amazon Prime in your household, you can share your subscription with family members. This way, you can split the cost and enjoy the benefits like before for less money.
  • Utilization of the Benefits: Be aware of all the benefits provided by Amazon Prime so that you can enjoy everything to the fullest. Sometimes, a lack of knowledge about all the services that they provide could be the reason behind the cancellation.
  • Explore Prime Day Deals: These Prime Day deals offer alluring discount rates to Prime members. You can use these discount rates on the purchases that you are planning to make in the future.

Policies Related to Cancellation

When you are thinking about canceling your Amazon Prime membership, make sure that you are aware of all the policies related to cancellation. Here are some of the important policies that you should know before canceling your Prime subscription:

  • Refund policy: If you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription before the end of the subscription period, you can apply for a refund. Although many factors will decide whether you will get the refund or not, at least you have the chance of getting it.
  • Auto-Renewal: Amazon has a setting that automatically renews your subscription at the end of the subscription period. So, if you do not want your services renewed automatically, you need to cancel Amazon Prime's automatic renewal feature.
  • Available Benefits: If you cancel your Amazon subscription before the end of the subscription period, you can still use your benefits until the expiry of your subscription.
  • Reactivation: Suppose you are thinking about getting an Amazon subscription again after canceling your current one. You can avail yourself of this by paying the fees in your Amazon account settings.

Steps for the Cancellation

If you are thinking about canceling your Amazon Prime subscription, follow the steps given below for the smooth cancellation of your Amazon subscription.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership in India

Log in to your Amazon account: After visiting the Amazon website, log in to your account by entering the registered ID password.

  • Log in to Your Account Settings: After logging in, visit the account settings and select your Prime membership.
  • Review Your Membership Details: Carefully review your membership details, including your membership type, renewal date, and benefits.
  • Select Cancellation: After reviewing your details, select "End Membership" or "Cancel Membership" to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.
  • Confirm Cancellation: Once you select the cancel membership option, Amazon may ask you for confirmation that you want to cancel your Amazon subscription. So when they ask for confirmation, select the confirm option.
  • Complete the cancellation process: Depending on your Amazon subscription type, Amazon may ask for additional information to cancel your subscription, so follow the steps accordingly.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once you have completed the cancellation process, make sure you receive a cancellation message to confirm that you have successfully canceled your subscription.

Please keep in mind that if you are associated with any deals or orders and you do not want to continue them, you have to cancel them separately.


Although the cancellation of an Amazon Prime subscription is the user's personal choice, he, can also think about other ways instead of cancellation, which we have discussed earlier. But apart from everything, if the user wants to cancel his prime membership because of any serious problem, he can by following some of the simple steps to cancel the membership. While doing so, he should be careful and aware of some important things. Overall, the process may require some attention to detail; Amazon generally provides clear instructions for the cancellation, so follow the steps for a smooth process.

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