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How to Check Airtel Data Balance


One of the most crucial components of your smartphone is your mobile data. We are now in the 4G and mobile broadband age. For their personal and business internet activity, many users rely on fast mobile data. Smartphones typically operate on mobile data for everything from ordering groceries to watching their favorite movies to participating in meetings while on the go. To monitor your mobile data usage, you must frequently check your data balance.

It is crucial that we fill up our mobile phones with enough data as a result. In order to set a data limit and never run out of data, you must first learn how to check your Airtel data balance for mobile data!

Envision using Google Maps while traveling and having your data run out! You won't have any means to navigate your way back home if you get lost in an unfamiliar location. The majority of people use Google Maps when traveling by car to distant places.

About 36MB of data are used during an hour-long road ride. Thus, you will require at least 300MB of data if you are planning a 5- to 6-hour road trip. Additionally, internet access is required in order to stay online, listen to music, and more! To be ready, Airtel users should learn how to check their data balance using the Airtel app.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance through the Airtel app

It is advised that one has the Airtel Thanks app on smartphone in order to conveniently manage all of your Airtel services, including checking your data balance and recharging your data. To pay for the services, you can link your BHIM UPI to the app.

Install the Airtel Thanks application. For Android phones, use the Google Play Store; for Apple phones, use the iOS Store.

You must register the app after downloading it. By inserting your registered number, you may accomplish the same. An OTP will be sent to your phone. Please enter accurately and repeat the same. If you already have the app and are signed in, skip the first two steps.

You will come to understand how to use the Airtel Thanks app to check your data balance. A description of any active data plans you have will be displayed on the home page.

To check your data balance, if you just use one Airtel service, stay on the "Manage" tab. You'll notice a dashboard for recharging here. Your number and the kind of connection are displayed on the recharging dashboard.

Prepaid | 720XXXXXXX, for instance

Below that, the following options are visible to you:

  • Validity
  • Daily Data Left
  • Unlimited Calls

Or if you make use of a variety of Airtel services, such as DTH, broadband, and prepaid. The "Manage" page's upper left corner will have a little tab that houses all of your services. You will be sent to a new page after clicking on the tab. This is where you may check the data balance for the prepaid connection services.

You often receive a daily data limit if you complete a genuinely limitless recharge. You can find out how much data is remaining for the day by selecting the "Daily Data Left" option. Assume you have a daily limit of 1 GB. The remaining 400 MB will show up in the recharge dashboard if you have used 600 MB for the day.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

How to Check Airtel Data Balance via USSD code

To find out how much data is left in your daily or monthly pack, you can also use USSD codes. Here's how to do it:

On your phone, download the phone app.

After entering *121#5, hit the call button.

After a brief wait, your phone will display all the information on the remaining data balance.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on the Website

You may also use the website to check the data balance on your Airtel SIM. To access all of your Airtel connections from one location, simply click this link:

We hope you now know how to use the Airtel Thanks app to check your data balance. As a result, you can monitor how much data you use and determine when to recharge your data booster online. Additionally, you may obtain a fiber broadband connection, DTH connection, and even a port number via the Thanks app.


Regularly monitoring your data level will help you stay under your data limit and prevent unforeseen fees. There are three ways to find out how much data is left on your Airtel number: via USSD codes, the Airtel app, or the Airtel website.

It is highly recommended that you check your Airtel data balance using the USSD code. Because it doesn't require an internet connection or any storage space on your phone, it's the most convenient method.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible to Use USSD Codes Offline?

There is no need for an internet connection for USSD codes to operate. USSD codes are incredibly easy to use for anything, even for customers who live in very rural places with weak network access.

2. What Other Ways Are There To Check Your Airtel Balance?

The Airtel Balance Check can be done in a few different ways. They're -

  • Airtel Thanks App,
  • SMS service;
  • USSD codes
  • the Airtel website

The simple methods listed above can be used to check your Airtel balance, validity, data pack details, and further information.

3. How Do I Check My Airtel Balance Offline?

You may quickly check your Airtel balance using USSD numbers without using the internet. To find out your balance, simply dial *123# from your Airtel phone. You will then receive an SMS.

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