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How to copy or move files and folders in Windows 10

In this section, we are going to learn about how to copy and move files and folders in the windows operating system. We will also explore other ways and the easiest way of performing the same operation.

Often, it's best to copy or move files to various directories in Windows 10 hard drive and use mouse to drag them there. Here's the steps for how the one can transfer a file or even a folder to a different folder on his or her desktop, for an instance suppose if we're transferring the Data.txt file from the Main data folder to the New Main data folder in this situation:

1. Now first next to each other on your desktop, align the two windows side by side.

Now select the first window and keep the Windows key pressed and then press the arrow key on the right. Now click on the other window so that it can fill up the left half of the screen and hold the Windows key, and click the left arrow key.

2. The mouse pointer is directed at the file or folder that we want to pass.

Shift the mouse until it points to the destination folder, while holding the right mouse button.

We're dragging the data file from the Main data folder to the New main data folder, for the reference you can do the practical side by side for best understanding of the work.

Now drag a file or folder from that you want to move from one location to another, but make sure that you are holding the right mouse button while dragging the file, so that we can easily transfer the file from one folder to another.

Drag the file along with it by rotating the mouse, and Windows explains why we are rotating the file. (Please make a note of that while dragging the file the right mouse button is kept pressed all the time.)

3. Now the one can drag the files or folders that he wants to copy to another location while the right mouse button is kept down. When we place the icon, Windows is then kind enough to send us a menu of options and we can choose to copy, transfer, or build a shortcut.

4. Release the mouse button, and from the pop-up menu, select Copy Here, Switch Here or Build Shortcuts Here.

Note: Please take a note that if the file is too big or large, then there might be a time when window might give some of the issue while dragging or dropping the file to different locations. For this one can use different on-screen options that are already provided in the windows by default and it also varies from layout to layout.

  • Right-click menus: We can Right-click on a file or folder and then based on what we want to do, we can simply choose that from the option i.e either copy, paste or cut or create shortcut either. Then right-click the folder of our destination and select Paste. This method is very simple and even in this method we do not need to press down any windows key either.
  • Ribbon commands: In this option we can click on the file or folder in File Explorer, then we can simply click the Ribbon 's Home tab which is present at the top of the window, and then click on the Copy To (or Transfer To) button. A menu, showing some popular locations, drops down. Don't we have the right spot? Then, press Choose Location and press to enter the destination folder through the drive and directories, and Windows will transport the file accordingly. Though a little tedious, if we know the exact position of the destination folder, this approach works.
  • Navigation Pane: This panel along the left edge of File Explorer lists common locations: drives, networks, OneDrive, and directories that are frequently used. This helps us to drag and drop a file to a position in the navigation pane, eliminating the hassle of opening the destination document.

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