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How to create Gmail account?

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  • How to create a new Gmail account?
  • How do I create a Gmail Account?

We can access Gmail without any cost. It's free.

It is also considered as the safest online email service today.

Key Points

Let's discuss some key points.

  • Gmail is the email service that was introduced by Google. It has a variety of features that ensures the safety of users.
  • We can easily create a Gmail account by specifying personal details such as Name, Date of Birth, etc.
  • A user can also create various Gmail accounts.
  • Once we have created our account in Gmail, we can also use it to Sign-in on other apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Store, etc.
  • Google's email service contains various folders such as Inbox, Spam, Drafts, etc. for easy convenience to online users.
  • It is the Gmail service that is used all over the world in various languages. We can share messages, links, etc. on Gmail ranging from students to Businesspersons.
  • We can send and receive emails via Gmail quickly at any place and time.
  • We can quickly send attachments and documents.
  • We can also download games, apps, and books from Google Play by signing in through the Gmail account.
  • The storage capacity in Gmail is upto 15 Gigabytes (GB).

Creating a Gmail Account

The steps to create a Gmail account are listed below:

1. Open the official website of Gmail, which is also used for Sign-up. We can directly use the URL:
The page will look like the image shown below:

How to create Gmail account

2. Click on the 'Create Account' option, as shown below:

How to create Gmail account

3. We need to select the option from the drop-down list. For personal use, we can select the 'For myself' option. For business purposes, we can select the 'To manage my business' option.

4. Click on the 'Next' button, as shown above.

5. A window to specify the personal details will appear, as shown below:

How to create Gmail account

We are required to specify the Name, Email-ID, and password. We can set these parameters according to our choice.

Note: There are millions of users on Gmail. So, our name can match with other users.
But, it will not accept the same email-ID.
Here, we need to specify a unique email-ID.

For example,
Consider the below details.

How to create Gmail account

Here, the specified email-id already exits. So, we can either specify any other unique ID or can select the email from the options suggested by Gmail, as shown above.

6. Click on the 'Next' button.

7. Now, a window will appear asking for optional and necessary data, as shown below:

How to create Gmail account

The optional data includes a phone number and recovery email ID. The necessary data includes Date of Birth and Gender.
We need to specify these details.

8. Click on the 'Next' button.

9. A window will appear to accept the Privacy terms, as shown below:

How to create Gmail account

The 'More Options' category includes some occasional reminder settings.

10. Click on 'I agree' option to accept the privacy terms, as shown above.

11. Our account is now created. We can start by sending emails and messages. The Home page of our account will now appear as the image shown below:

How to create Gmail account


Let's discuss some FAQs.

Why is there an option to provide a recovery email address?

The recovery email option is present while creating a Gmail account due to the following reasons:

  • For the safety of our account.
  • It helps to reset our password whenever required.
  • It is helpful when our account is hacked.
  • It is also helpful when we are locked out of our account for any reason.

Can we get a username that is already taken?


We cannot get the username that is already taken. We can either create a similar username or a username that someone has taken in the past and then deleted.

It is necessary to prevent spam and abuse, which is reserved by Google.

Can we specify our domain for business purposes?


The domain '[email protected]' is reserved. It cannot be modified. We can set the email address according to our preferences but not the domain.

For business purposes, it is recommended to use G Suite.

Let's discuss why G Suite is recommended.

Gmail for Business

G Suite is recommended for the personal account rather than Gmail due to the following reasons:

  • We can set our own company domain, such as [email protected].
  • The subscription cost is low i.e., $6 for a month.
  • It has 24/7 email and chats support.
  • It comes with increased Google Drive and Gmail storage.
  • It includes better mobile management that keeps our data secure and safe.
  • It is a professional Ad-free account.
  • It includes advanced administrative and security controls.
  • It gives ownership to the employee's accounts to remain in control of the company's files, emails, and accounts.
  • It also provides access to online storage, video conferences, and other business-related tools.
  • It provides an initial 14 days free trial.

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