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How to Disable Windows 10 Update

In Windows 10, one of the most controversial features is its Automatic Updates. Whenever new features or quality updates become available in Windows, those features get automatically installed on your computer system by Windows. Although the automatic updates are for providing users the best services and security feature, updating it at any time is sometimes becomes irritating. Such as, suppose we are going to turn off the system after completing our work, but due to Windows Update, we are forced not to turn off the system without updating.

How to Disable Windows 10 Update

If you are facing such an issue and want to permanently turn off the Windows Update, then you can find ways here. In this topic, we will discuss several ways to turn off the automatic update of Windows 10.

Note: Before proceeding with the solutions to stop Windows 10 updates, check your Windows 10 edition (Home, Professional, Education, or Enterprise). You can check it by going to Settings -> System -> About so that you can find the most appropriate solution for your system.

Ways to Disable Windows 10 Update

  • Disabling a Windows 10 Update Permanently

Windows Update is a type of services similar to other Windows Services, and hence it can be turned off similar to other services. To disable it, follow the below steps:

  1. Click to Win+ R, or open the Run terminal. Type "msc" command and hit enter.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  2. The list of all the running service will be opened. Select Windows Update Service from the list.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  3. Now, select the properties option, and open the General
  4. Go to the "Start-up type", and select the Disabled option from dropdown list.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  5. Click to Apply, and restart your system.

By following the above steps, the automatic update will be disabled. If you want to re-enable this, follow the same steps, and Select "Automatic" from the Start-up type option.

  • Disabling Windows update via Group Policy editor Settings

On Windows 10 Pro, Education, or Enterprise Editions, the change in Group policy editor is allowed. Group policy is a Windows features that allows the user to control Windows Account and customize the advanced settings. The local group policy editor is an easy interface that allows users to work with Group policy.

This setting allows the user to disable automatic updates permanently or can change the Windows Update policies to decide when updates should be installed on the device.

To disable Windows update via Group Policy editor Setting, follow the below steps:

  1. Open start or run command in your system by using WIN+ R. Type msc in the run terminal, and press enter to open group policy editor.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  2. In computer Configuration, Click on Administrative Templates.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  3. Select Windows Components from the available setting options, and then click to Windows Update.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  4. A list of settings for Windows update opens, select the Configure Automatic Updates option from the right.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  5. Now click on the Disabled option to turn off the automatic updates permanently.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  6. Click to "Apply" and the "OK", to activate the settings.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update

After completing the above steps, Windows 10 will stop downloading updates automatically on your system. However, you can check for updates manually in Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. On this page, you need to click the Check for updates button to download and install the most recent updates.

To re-activate the automatic updates on your system, follow the same steps till step no-4. On step No. 5, make sure to select the Not Configured option instead of Disabled.

For Limit Updates

Apart from disabling automatic update permanently, you can customize the policy to get the updates as per your suitability. For this follow the same procedure till step no-4.

  1. A new window of configuration setting will open. Select Enabled, and Click to the "Notify for download and auto install" option. If you choose this option, updates won't download or install automatically.
    Rather, in the Windows Update settings page, you can find an "Install now" option that you need to click manually to get the settings.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  2. Now click "Apply" button, and then Ok.
  3. Type "Windows Update" into the Start menu and select "Windows Update Settings."
  4. Restart your device to finish updating the group policy editor.
  5. Check for updates. Now, you will be notified by Windows if it finds any update, but those updates will not get automatically installed in your device.

After doing the above group policy settings, Windows will give the notification about the available updates, and it is your duty to make sure that those updates get downloaded and installed.

  • Disabling Windows Update with Metered connection

Windows Update always requires suitable internet connection to automatically download and install the updates in your computer. If we connect our machine to the Wi-fi internet connection, then we have an option of metered connection. If we set our internet connection as metered connection, then automatic updates will not occur. It is because in metered connection the bandwidth is conserved, and it provide control to the user for data usage while downloading.

Hence if we set up our internet connection as metered, we can easily stop the automatic updates. For setting up the metered connection in Windows 10, follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, open the Windows setting application in your system. You can open it by using WIN+I.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  2. Now from the available option, click on "Network & Internet" Option.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  3. A new Window of Network & Internet opens. Click on Wi-Fi option.
  4. In Wi-Fi options, click "Manage Known networks."
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  5. By clicking to above option, all the available network will be opened. Choose the network from the available option to which your device is currently connected.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  6. Click to "Properties" option of the network.
    How to Disable Windows 10 Update
  7. Now On the "Set as metered connection" option. By doing so, your internet connection will set as metered, and Automatic Update will stop.

Note: The option for setting up an internet connection as Metred is available only if the system is connected with a Wi-fi connection. If your system is connected through Ethernet or LAN cable, this option will not be available.

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