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How to gain weight

Willing to gain weight, then definitely you are free to eat! But be smart in choosing what to eat. So, just read the following points. These points are focused on the types of food you should consume and also the ways you should exercise.

1) Don't skip meal

You should have three meals in a day and two times snacks between any two meals. Each meal should be adequately portioned to fill your stomach.

don't skip meal

2) Begin weight training

Weight training not only increases muscle mass but also stimulates hunger and metabolism. You easily digest the food and get ready to eat more. You can easily consume more calories in a day. Also, lifting heavy weights is found helpful in increasing muscle mass.

lifting weight

3) Follow protein-rich diet

You should get plenty of protein on daily basis. Without proteins you can't get the maximum benefit of weight training. Your muscles need proteins to get stronger and bigger. So don't miss it after you return from gym.

eat protein rich diet

4) Focus on dense fruits and vegetables

Eating solely fat-rich food is not the right way to put on weight. A healthy way is to mainly depend on denser food. Prefer fruits like banana, apple, berry etc.

eat dense foods

5) Add more oil and calorie dense toppings

Use more oil to prepare your meal. Use of healthy oils like olive and coconut oil are advisable. And decorate your toast or any other meal with toppings like mayonnaise, butter and cream cheese. Instead of white bread use whole wheat bread to make toast. These toppings are rich in calories so very useful for you.

coconut oil

6) Drink sugary fruit juices

Everyone loves fruit juices! Just make sure it is full of sugar if want to put on weight. Along with gaining weight you also get plenty of nutrients and minerals from fruit juices.

drink fruit juice

7) Eat whole eggs

Egg comes among the top rated options to gain weight. It mainly contains fat and protein. Eggs also don't occupy much space in the stomach. So, 5-6 eggs can be easily taken in a day without feeling bloated.

eat eggs

8) Prefer big eating utensils

Use big spoons, bowls and plates. It will help you consume more meal in shorter time. On bigger utensils your meal will not appear huge. You will not feel that you are eating more, though you are doing the same thing to gain weight.

use big utensils

9) Eat before going to bed

It is an easy yet effective mean to get more calories. You can eat healthy snacks or sugary deserts. It also provides the required fuel for repair and regeneration that happens during sleep.

eating before bedtime

10) Get adequate sound sleep

Sound sleep improves your appetite that helps consume more calories for healthy weight gain. Also, we burn fewer calories during sleep as our metabolism slows down. It helps us to store more calories as fuel for muscles. It helps muscles grow larger that help gain weight in a healthy way.

sound sleep

11) Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine suppresses hunger so it won't help anyone gain weight. Also, its thermogenic effect increases metabolism that starts burning calories that are consumed to gain weight. So, intake of caffeine-rich beverages like tea and coffee should be minimized instantly to gain weight effectively.

limit coffee

12) Avoid water before meal

Don't drink water right before a meal. The water can make you feel full that hampers your capacity to eat more. So, instead of water you can prefer calorie rich fruit juices and smoothies before meal and while eating.

avoid water before meal

13) Use Milk powder

Use milk powder to increase the calorie content of your dishes. Even it can be added to a glass of milk to make it calorie-rich. According to nutritionists, adding 2-3 teaspoonful of milk powder to milk and any other dish increases their calorie content by 100 calories.

use milk powder

14) Focus on carb-rich diet

Carbohydrates are important part of a diet plan designed for weight loss. The carbs make the meal rich in calories, fibers and nutrients. Whole-grain foods like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, cereals, pasta and brown rice are perfect foods for carbs. A cup of whole wheat pasta can provide 150 calories by itself.

rich carb diet

15) Eat Banana

Banana is a calorie-dense fruit. A single banana contains around 100 calories. The fruit is also rich in carbohydrates and is a source of instant energy. It is easy to eat and can also be consumed as banana shakes and banana smoothies. So, start eating 8-9 bananas in a day for healthy weight gain.

eat banana

16) Eat snacks frequently

Include more snacks in your daily routine. You can eat snacks between meals, before meal and after meal. It will help consuming more calories in a day. It will also reduce the burden of eating more for extra calories. Focus on calorie-rich snacks like butter popcorns, fried cheese and dry fruits like peanuts, cashews and almonds.

eat dry fruits

17) Quit smoking

Smoking not only suppresses hunger but also affects our taste buds. We can't eat more if continue smoking. Also, due to impaired taste buds we can't capture the flavors and we tend to eat less. So, smoking is not going to help us gain weight. And, if you can't quit it then at least don't smoke for an hour or two before eating.

quit smoking

18) Eat avocado

Avocado is considered best fruit for weight gain. A single avocado contains around 400 calories. It is also packed with good fats and vitamins. So, if possible don't miss avocado even a single day to gain weight as well as health.

eat avocado

19) Eat dried pineapple

Dried pineapple mainly contains sugar. It makes it almost 2-3 times richer in calories than fresh pineapple. According to nutritionists, one can easily get 250 calories from 100 grams of dried pineapple. You can eat it with raisins and nuts to get flooded with calories.

eat dried pineapple

20) Eat bagels

Bagels are calorie-rich bread rolls. It is an excellent breakfast to gain weight. A single bagel contains around 150 calories that is almost double the calories that a slice of bread of same weight contains. So if possible prefer bagels over other low-calorie snacks at breakfast.

eat bagels

Note: The above mentioned points are the reliable and selected ways to gain weight. You need to be consistent in following this ways for quicker and better results.

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