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How to Increase Followers on Twitter

If you have a huge follower base on Twitter, you can easily promote your business. Twitter offers you plenty of options to increase your followers, some of which are as follows:

1. Start your own blog:

You can start your own blog where you can write posts related to your interests. Once people start liking and reading your posts, they may start following you on Twitter.

2. Your profile name:

It is not mandatory that your name on Twitter should be the same as your real name. So, you can have a name that is attractive and easy to find by users.

3. Profile photo:

If you are a small company with a handful of employees you can use a human face in your profile picture; use your best, recent pictures that show your face. If you are a big organization and you can use your logo, but also add some humanizing faces to your content calendar such as the founder, staff, managers, and more.

4. Header Photo:

Include a header photo that defines you. If you have a business account, you can use a brand's logo.

5. Account description:

Add a description for your account so that you can introduce yourself to the visitors. You can show your personal or professional side as per your goal; you can share qualities about your brand, features of your products, and tell people what they will get whey they follow you.

6. Add keywords to your bio:

Twitter bio is the people's first point of contact with you. It is also indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing. So, you can include the relevant keywords in your bio. Twitter bios are brief so use as many characters as Twitter allows you to convey the information. You can also use an emoji to convey more within bio's limited character space and to add color to your bio.

7. Define your audience:

You should be aware of your audience and accordingly write the content for your tweet. The tone and language of your tweet should be appealing to your target audience.

8. Tweet relevant content:

Share relevant content, which means the information you share should be meaningful for the audience. It will encourage the audience to expect more from you and follow you to get updates.

9. Be prompt:

Twitter is a very active social network where thousands of tweets are tweeted in a second. So, keep updating your profile and posting updates. Otherwise, your followers may stop following you. But be careful, as too many unnecessary updates may annoy your audience.

10. Use your best tweet at the top of your profile:

You can set a captivating tweet at the beginning of your timeline or the top of your page. It should be meaningful and useful so that users want to follow you to stay informed.

11. Use your other feeds:

If people like your posts on other social platforms, encourage them to follow you on Twitter. You can also interlink all of your social profiles to allow your audience to pick and choose as per their own preferred channel.

12. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature:

You can add your twitter handle to your email signatures and all other outgoing communications such as newsletters, press releases, business cards, and more.

13. Use Twitter buttons:

You can add Twitter buttons to your site. It will allow your audience to Tweet your content, follow your account, and ask questions, and provide feedback.

14. Add your tweets to your blogs:

Embed your tweets in your blog posts so that people who like your posts could retweet you.

15. Tweet consistently, but not in bursts:

Tweets consistently as the more tweets an account has, the more followers they are likely to have. But, don't tweet too frequently in a short time otherwise, it will flood your followers' timeline and thus may annoy them.

16. Retweet:

When you find valuable information or interesting fact or something that complements your information, you can retweet it to capture your followers' attention. In this way, you can also show others' tweets apart from yours. Furthermore, you can also ask your followers to retweet your tweets, if even some of them do it your tweet will spread on Twitter.

17. Add a comment before Retweet:

Whenever you like a Tweet and want to Retweet it, don't forget to add some comment to it. In this way, you can add value to a Tweet and impress your audience.

18. Search for people:

You can use Twitter's advanced search function to find people who may be interested in your areas of expertise. You can also find people who are following your competitors and interested in topics related to your expertise and encourage them to follow you.

19. Interact and Respond to Followers:

You have to nourish your budding relationship with your followers. You can do this by responding to their feedback and queries. You can also ask questions and create surveys to increase their interest and improve engagement on Twitter.

20. Use hashtags:

Use hashtags on your tweets. You can search the trending or popular hashtags and use them if they fit in your tweets. It will help you reach more people and thus increase your followers.

21. Don't repeat tweets:

You should not repeat the same tweets. Users don't like spam, and they may get irritated and unfollow you.

22. Conduct a Twitter chat:

You can host a Twitter chat to build community with like-minded people and to establish authority and credibility in your field. Thus, you can positively influence your audience and attract them to follow you.

23. Live-tweet:

You can live-tweet an event. It is a distinguishing feature of Twitter that no other social platform offers. So, you can use this feature to attract your audience and encourage them to interact with you and follow you.

24. Use promoted tweets:

You can run a paid campaign to increase your followers. In this method, people see your account in their feeds as a ?Promoted Account.? Don't forget to uncheck the box that says, ?also target your followers.?

25. Add visuals:

Avoid posting text-only tweets if you have an opportunity to add visuals to your tweet. There are many social media image tools such as Canva, Creative Market, BeFunky, which can be used to create compelling images for your tweets.

26. Add Videos:

If possible, add videos to your tweets. Images are good, but the videos are even better. The tweets with videos are more likely to engage your audience than text-only tweets.

27. Use Twitter analytics:

You can use Twitter analytics to study your audience, e.g., reach, engagement, and impressions. It will help you understand what your audience likes, and you can replicate that to attract more users. Also, analyze how many followers you earn or lose and what are the reasons for this and the interests of your audience and the ways to draw their attention.

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