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How to Install Atom on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?


Atom is an open-source code editor which is widely used by software developers. Developers call it a "hackable text editor for the 21st century". It is cross-platform and supports dozens of programming languages.

It was designed & developed by GitHub Inc and first released on February, 2014.

In this tutorial, we will install Atom on Ubuntu operating system. This installation process includes the following steps.


  • Ubuntu
  • Terminal

Atom Installation

1) Download Atom

Visit official site and download archive.

Software Atom 1

Save the Archive

Software Atom 2

2) Install Atom

Open terminal and enter this command.

Software Atom 3

After installing, enter following command to open Atom editor.

Software Atom 4

It will open editor that looks like the below.

Software Atom 5

Well, we have successfully installed Atom in our system. Now, we can code in any programming language with our favorite code editor.

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