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How to Install BlueFish on CentOS.


BlueFish is a free software and advance text editor which supports various tools for programming in general. It is capable for the development of various dynamic websites. Bluefish supports programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C, C++ and many more. It is available for many platforms including Linux, Solaris, OSX and Windows. It was started by Chris Mazucand Olivier Sessink in 1997. In this tutorial, we will install bluefish on CentOS.


  • CentOS 7
  • Login as an administrator on the terminal.
  • Yum must be configured on the system.
  • Install EPEL release.


Installation includes following steps.

1. Install BlueFish using Yum

Execute the following command to install bluefish on CentOS.

CentOS How to Install BlueFish on CentOS CentOS How to Install BlueFish on CentOS1 CentOS How to Install BlueFish on CentOS2

2. Open the Application

Just type bluefish on the Terminal to open the Application. A window will open which appears like following.

CentOS How to Install BlueFish on CentOS3

Hence, we have installed and get started with bluefish on CentOS7.

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