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How to Install GIMP on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?


GIMP is a popular, widely used image editing program. It is used for graphic designing and drawing etc. It was created by Spencer Kimball and released under GPLv3+ license that is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

In this tutorial, we will install GIMP on Ubuntu 16.04 using terminal. This installation process includes the following steps.


  • Ubuntu
  • Login as root / sudo user in terminal

GIMP Installation

1) Add PPA Repository

Software GIMP 1

2) Update APT Repository

Update local repository by using the following command.

3) Install Latest GIMP

Use this command to install latest version of GIMP software.

Software GIMP 2

4) Run GIMP

Software GIMP 3

Application Preview

GIMP application looks like the below.

Software GIMP 4

Well, we have installed GIMP successfully. Now, we can manipulate images easily.

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