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How to Install Glassfish on CentOS


GlassFish is an application server started by Sun Microsystems for Java Enterprise Edition which is now acquired by Oracle Corporation. It is a free software that is released under two free software licenses. The one is common development and distribution license and the other is GNU general public license. Sun Microsystems launched this project in June 6, 2005. First version of the project was released on May 4, 2006. In this tutorial, we will install Glassfish on our CentOS


  • CentOS
  • Login as an administrator on the terminal


1) Download and Extract Glassfish

Download Glassfish4 by clicking the link This will download a zip file containing glassfish version 4.1.1. We need to extract this file by using following command.

CentOS How to Install Glassfish on CentOS 1

2) Start the Glassfish Domain

An executable script file named as asadmin is located inside Downloads/glassfish4/bin/. To start the glassfish server, we need to execute that file. For this purpose, we can either change our directory or can give the absolute path of the file as command.

CentOS How to Install Glassfish on CentOS 2

3) Accessing Glassfish on browser

We need to just type localhost:4848 in the browser's search bar to access glassfish on browser.

CentOS How to Install Glassfish on CentOS 3

Hence, we have accessed glassfish on browser. Now we can deploy and manage our web applications.

4) Stop Glassfish Domain

To stop Glassfish domain, use the following command:

CentOS How to Install Glassfish on CentOS 4

Hence, we have installed and get started with Glassfish version 4.

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