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How to Interact with Other Pinterest Users

In addition to repining and using group boards, Pinterest offers you a plenty of options to interact and connect with other people. Some of which are as follows:

Likes: You can interact with another user by linking a Pin. You can save the Pin if you don't have time to like it right away.

Comments: You can add your comment to the Pins of other users. To do so, click on the Pin then to the right side of Pin you will see a comment box where you can write your comment.

Sending Pins: You can share a Pin on other Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook. You can also send Pins to other Pinterest users and people who are not on Pinterest through their email ids . To do so, hover over the image and click on the Icon on the top left corner. It will display options to share and send the Pin.

Tagging users: You can tag users for that while writing a description for your pin or a comment to user's Pin, type the @ sign and username of the person without any space. The person will be notified.

Messages: You can also send private messages to other users. To do so, click on the chat icon (notifications box) at the top to the right side of "red plus" button, then click on the "new message". Select or type the email id of recipient then click on the Next. Type your message and click on the icon to the left of your message. Your message will be sent.

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