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How to Join a Group on LinkedIn

In LinkedIn, you can find groups in two ways. The first way is by entering the name of group or keywords in the search box located at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. The second is by browsing groups recommended to you by the LinkedIn.

First method:

  • Type the group name or keyword in the search box and click search.
  • On the search result page click on the "Group"

Second method:

  • Click on the Work icon on the right side of the homepage
  • Select the "Groups" option from the dropdown menu
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  • Click Discover at the top of the page
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  • A list of groups appears, send request to join the group by clicking the "Ask to join" button on the right side. After joining the group, you can share your bussines related information and updates with the members of group to promote your bussiness and increase traffic to your site.
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