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How to open a Microsoft .wps or Works File in Word

What is a WPS file?

WPS format is also similar to the DOC file format, this is also a kind of text document created with the help of Microsoft Works Word Processor, but this does not have any advanced options for formatting. The Works file has been discontinued since 2006 and replaced with Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Works software created these WPS extension files, which include Word processing documents and text files consisting of images, clipart, and tables.

Microsoft Works is a program that stopped, and when the computers are upgraded to the newer version will face the problem of opening the old files in Microsoft Word, so for viewing the Microsoft Works .wps File, we require the converter, which helps to view the files.

How to view the WPS file?

To view the content of the Work file, install WorksConv.exe and Wks4Converter_en-US.msi. Files. After downloading the files, follow the below steps.

How to open a Microsoft .wps or Works File in Word
  • All the running Microsoft Word windows should be closed.
  • Open the exe File, then double click on it, which displays the various prompts, follow them, and install the program. After this, double-click on the Wks4Converter_en-US.msi File and continue following the various prompts to install this program.
  • Now open Microsoft Word when the installation of the above files completes.
  • Select the File menu in Microsoft Word and choose the Open option. When the file menu is absent, choose the Microsoft Office button and click Open.
  • After opening the Window, the file type dropdown menu is seen succeeding the File name in that select the suitable version of the Works file.
  • Finally, locate the Works file you require, followed by selecting the File and clicking on the Open menu.

Save the File as a Word file.

Whenever a user wishes to continue to use this File or wishes to make the File adaptable with Microsoft Word, do the following process.

  1. Select the File option and click on the Save As option after opening the File.
  2. Choose the destination where you want to save the File in the Save As Window. While using Microsoft word of 2016 and later versions, choose the File tab and select Browse to open the Save As Window.
  3. Create the file name if you wish to alter it, and click Save As. Select Microsoft Word(*.docx) in the Save As menu dropdown list.
  4. Then choose the Ok or Save option when the process is completed.

One more way of viewing the Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word

If you still have permission to get into the Microsoft Works Word Processor, you can unlock all WPS files with the Microsoft Works processor. If you do not have permission to Works Word Processor, then you can unlock most WPS files with Microsoft Word. Word 2010 and later versions can open WPS files made by Works Word Processor versions 6 to 9. To unlock a WPS file in Word.

  • Choose the File you want to open and click on Open option.
  • From the File Typedropdown menu, select All Files (*.*)
  • Traverse and open the WPS file.

Another most-easy way of opening the .wps files is by following the below steps.

  • First, open Microsoft Word.
  • Click on the File menu and click on the Open option
  • A window is opened, in that click on the dropdown in the bottom right corner, having the name All Word Documents.
  • Then, select WORKS 6-9(*.wps) after clicking on the dropdown menu.
  • Move to the folder where your Works file is present, then click on the File and open the File.
  • Then your selected File will be converted by Word, and if you wish to change any content, you can do that and save the File at last.
  • After opening the save Window, ensure the "Save As Type" dropdown menu reads Word Document (.docx). If it doesn't open, press on it to find Word Document (.docx) in the dropdown menu.
  • Then at last, click Save. If you encounter a window giving a warning due to file format change, choose yes. Now you can delete your old .wps file, also.

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