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How to operate the mouse with a keyboard??

You can move the mouse cursor by hitting the arrow keys on your numeric keypad, pixel by pixel, using a feature called Mouse Keys in Microsoft Windows. Those who are unable to use a mouse can benefit from the "Ease of Use" feature called Mouse Keys. For instance, if their mouse malfunctions or runs out of batteries, other users might find Mouse Keys beneficial.

How to turn on/off the mouse keys??

The keyboard shortcut:

There is a keyboard shortcut you can use to activate and off Mouse Keys in all versions of Windows.

  1. To open a dialogue box, simultaneously press the keys on your keyboard labeled Left Alt, Left Shift, and Num Lock.
  2. Use the spacebar or Enter to select Yes when the popup pops up.
  3. Repetition of this procedure will disable Mouse Keys.

Windows 10:

Mouse Keys is a setting in Windows 10's Ease of Access that may be switched on and off. You can navigate menus with the Spacebar and Tab keys if your mouse isn't working.

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows
  2. Type Ease of Access mouse settings into the box that appears and hit Enter.
  3. Activate the switch next to use the numeric pad to move the mouse around the screen in the Mouse Keys section by turning it On.
  4. To go out of this menu, press Alt+F4.


  1. Use the Windows key + R to bring up the Run
  2. ms-settings: is entered after typing it. (Remember to add a colon after ms-settings.)
  3. The text cursor is now in the search box in your Settings Use the mouse keys to enter. Choose the first choice by pressing the down arrow on your keyboard; The keyboard is used to move the mouse pointer.
  4. Key to enter. Your mouse's settings for ease of use are now visible.
  5. Your keyboard's on/off button is controlled by the black box which is displayed. The mouse pointer can be moved by activating Mouse Keys and using the numeric keypad. The button can be turned on by using the Space key.
  6. Now that they are available, Mouse Keys still require Num Lock to be switched on in order to function by default. To turn on and off Num Lock, press the Num Lock key on your keyboard.

When you activate Num Lock, you'll hear a high-pitched beep. This noise signals that your mouse pointer is being managed by your numeric keyboard. The mouse cursor advances one pixel in the directions you press on your numeric keypad when you press 8, 6, 4, and 2 (up, left, right, and down). Num Lock is typically toggled on laptops by simultaneously hitting the Num Lock and Fn keys. The keys on some laptop numeric keypads can also be used for keyboard letters and other numbers (e.g., 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K, L). These keys output a number when the Num Lock is enabled. To learn more about your particular laptop, consult the manual.

Windows 8:

If the shortcut key combination mentioned above does not work, the steps below could be used to enable or disable mouse keys. Use the spacebar and Tab key to browse menus if your mouse isn't working.

  1. On the Start Screen, type "Mouse" anywhere when nothing is chosen.
  2. Enter after moving the mouse cursor down to the Ease of Access
  3. Turn on the switch next to Mouse Keys.
  4. To go out of this menu, press Alt+F4.

Windows XP, Vista, and 7:

The steps given below can be used to enable or disable Mouse Keys if the shortcut key combination mentioned above does not work. Use the Tab key and spacebar to browse menus if your mouse isn't working.

  1. Press the Windows key while looking at the desktop or click Start in the bottom-left corner.
  2. On the list on the right side, choose Control Panel.
  3. Open the Ease of Access tab in the Control Panel.
  4. Choose Modify your mouse's behavior from the Ease of Access Center menu.
  5. Turn on Mouse Keys is checked in the adjacent checkbox.
  6. Apply and OK after clicking.

Use of Mouse Keys:

  • Press 7:

It is used to ascend and turn to the left.

  • Press 8:

It is used to move up.

  • Press 9:

It is used to ascend and turn to the right.

  • Press 4:

It is used to move left.

  • Press 6:

It is used to move right.

  • Press 1:

It is used to move left and downward.

  • Press 2:

It is used to move down.

  • Press 3:

It is used to move to the right and downward.

  • Press /:

It is used to choose the left mouse button.

  • Press * (asterisk):

It is decide which mouse buttons to select.

  • Press -:

It is used to right mouse button to select

  • While pressing the left button, press 5:

It is used to Click.

  • While pressing the right button, press 5:

It is used to Right-click.

  • While pressing the left button, press +.:

It is used to Double-click.

  • Point to the item, then press 0:

It is used to drag an item.

  • Press. (period):

It is used to put the thing you're dragging down.

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