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How to Prevent Being Pickpocketed

Thieves who target visitors and take advantage of their lack of attention are known as pickpockets. Because pickpockets try their best to fit in with their surroundings and go unnoticed, avoiding them can be difficult.

How to Prevent Being Pickpocketed

Pickpocketing happens a lot in crowded areas or places where tourists go. By being careful and taking simple precautions, you can lower the chances of someone stealing from you. Below are some simple steps you can follow to avoid being pickpocketed.

Storing and Handling Your Wallet Safely

How to Prevent Being Pickpocketed
  • If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, try carrying it in your front pocket. It is more difficult for someone to steal from your front pocket covertly. Additionally, anything in the back pocket might come out while you walk, which makes them more appealing to thieves. Thus, it's a good idea to carry your wallet in your front pocket to protect your valuables.
  • Put a rubber band around your wallet to prevent it from sliding out. Put a rubber band around the middle of your wallet and tuck it deep into the pocket to avoid theft. If someone tries to take it, they will find it difficult to remove, which helps you to notice. Additionally, use a fabric or velcro wallet instead of soft leather wallets because it is easier to take off without you realizing you.
  • Keep your wallet in any garment that has a hidden pocket. Pickpockets typically go for obvious targets, such as pockets. If your wallet is tucked into your coat pocket, near your chest pocket, or hidden in a secret seam, pickpockets won't know where to find it.

Securing Your Bag or Purse

How to Prevent Being Pickpocketed
  • Choose a purse with a twisting clasp or zipper if you usually carry one without a closing mechanism. Pickpockets are unlikely to attempt to reach into these purses because they are more difficult to open. Use a lockable purse if at all feasible to make sure nothing falls while you're on the road.
  • Bags and backpacks should be kept as near to your body as possible to prevent being ripped from you. Try to keep your luggage near you and reduce the belts of a bag or handbag. This will significantly increase the difficulty of someone reaching into your bag when you're traveling.
  • Replace your handbag with a fanny pack because cutable purse straps make it possible for robbers to swiftly take the bag from you. Pull the bag's straps tight around your waist and turn it so that the pouch is directly beneath your belly button. It will be simpler to watch over your belongings as a result

Keeping Valuables out of Reach

How to Prevent Being Pickpocketed
  • Most hotels have safes for guests to keep valuables while they're out and about or having their rooms cleaned. Your passport, house keys, extra cash, and pricey jewelry should all be placed in the safe and locked before you go. You will only lose a portion of your money and possessions if you are pickpocketed. Never forget to keep some spare cash in the hotel safe. You still have options for finding a ride and getting food for yourself in case you are pickpocketed.
  • Keep your phone in an inside pocket that is difficult for pickpockets to reach. Avoid using your phone excessively, particularly when you're trying to find your directions. When you do take it out, make sure to hold it firmly in both hands and try not to look at it for longer than five to ten seconds at a time.

Avoiding Common Scams

How to Prevent Being Pickpocketed
  • Avoid using ATMs that are not located in private businesses. ATMs attract pickpockets like a magnet. In order to divert your focus from one side and steal money from you when you're not looking, some scammers can operate in pairs. When utilizing an ATM, choose for one that is housed inside a safe business instead of to one that is outside. It allows you to take out your money in a more secure location.
  • Some pickpockets will act as though they just bump into you when you're boarding the bus or strolling along the street. They will attempt to take anything valuable out of an accessible pocket when they bump into you. Gently touch your pockets after someone bumps into you to ensure that nothing personal has been taken.
  • When someone offers to give you directions, stay well away from them. If someone is giving you directions, always maintain a minimum distance of 2 - 3 feet (0.61 - 0.91 meters).
  • While traveling, try to dress modestly so that you can blend in with the surroundings. Avoid wearing garish or touristy attire that will draw attention away from the fact that you are visiting. This will lower the likelihood of thieves trying to rob someone who lives nearby.
  • Large crowds of tourists are pickpocketed's favorite target, and street entertainers usually draw dozens of them. Also, individuals frequently take out their wallets to offer a few money to street entertainers. Giving some spare change to a street entertainer is perfectly acceptable, but revealing the place where you keep cash becomes clear when you take out your wallet. Keep your belongings nearby and remain vigilant when attending public events or entertainment.
  • Always decline assistance from individuals asking to aid you in carrying your items. You never know when someone might dash off with your belongings, even if the luggage is a little heavier. Even while some people might sincerely want to assist, it is not worth putting your belongings at risk.


Pickpocketing is a major issue in crowded areas, but there are steps you can take to stay safe. By being careful, keeping your stuff safe, and avoiding situations where thieves can steal from you, you can feel safer when you're out and about in busy areas or tourist spots.

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