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How to Read Homestuck

The literary masterpiece Homestuck is among the longest in the genre of English, and it may present certain difficulties when you first start reading it due to the style in which it is written.

If you want to make a significant effort to read this webcomic (Homestuck), the following are some helpful guidelines to get you started:

Step1: Get Ready

How to Read Homestuck

It will require a significant amount of energy and time to complete Homestuck. As with reading any novel, schedule time, and be ready to dedicate a lot more of it. This takes time and effort depending on the length of the Homestuck selected.

Step 2: Use a Computer to Read it.

How to Read Homestuck

Homestuck is a Flash-based website with interactive games, films, and other content. Since mobile devices and tablets aren't compatible with Flash, you cannot view the comic in its entirety on them. It is suggested to prefer using a computer or laptop system to start reading it with full compatibility.

Step 3: Make a Note.

How to Read Homestuck

There are many crucial nuances in Homestuck, and you may sometimes need to look at one. If you compose a few phrases for each fifty pages, you should be able to grasp it rather well. This will help you stay connected to the Homestuck story you're reading.

Step 4: Remember Everything.

How to Read Homestuck

There are various 'rules' to follow when reading Homestuck. Avoid skipping the commercial breaks. Acts should be included. Never omit Pesterlogs. Additionally, keep going even if it feels really boring. In Homestuck, the details are crucial. The opening act often contains a lot of important information and serves as a prelude to the entire piece, despite its apparent length and complexity.

Step 5: Refrain from Giving Away Details.

How to Read Homestuck

The majority of spoilers are available on YouTube, MSPA Wiki, and Tumblr. Even if avoiding it might be challenging, the benefits are unquestionably worthwhile.

Step 6: Do Not Miss Anything.

How to Read Homestuck

In Homestuck, even the most uninteresting or useless parts can have great relevance. This holds for the videos, comic linkages, intervals, and PesterLogs. Although they are not always required, they add creativity and create interest for readers.

Step 7: Turn on the Music to Fully Experience Homestuck.

How to Read Homestuck

The epic tunes, which occasionally appear on a few pages of the comic, complete the experience when listened to concurrently. So, make sure the audio is not muted.

Step 8: Have Fun with the Comic.

How to Read Homestuck

Even while lengthy passages of text might be tiresome, they are often hilarious and beautifully written. Enjoy the job as it is, and don't allow the enormity of the task to frighten you. Keep your pace and enjoy the awesomeness of Homestuck.

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