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How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

We are aware that having your car damaged in an accident is the most awful feeling ever. Fortunately, dented quarter panels - i.e., minor damage to the body parts around your rear wheels - usually have easy cosmetic fixes you can do yourself. We'll walk you through some of the best fixes so you can barely spot the damage once you've fixed them. Additionally, you undoubtedly have some questions about how to fix the panel which we will also cover in this article.

Things You Should Know

  • Cover the dent with the bottom of a dent removal suction cup by using a hot glue gun. To remove the dent, join the crossbar and spin the knob in a clockwise direction.
  • Alternately, cover the dent with water and insert a plunger. To remove the scratch, then draw the plunger back closer to you.
  • Most small dents can be repaired. If you have to send the vehicle in for a service, it usually costs $150 and up, depending on the dimensions and severity of the dent.

Question 1: Can you fix dents on cars?

How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

1. If a shallow dent is only cosmetic, it may usually be repaired.

Tiny, curved dents on smooth surfaces will give you the best results. If you need to improve auto repairs, you may already have the necessary tools at home to deal with minor dents and scratches. While some minor dent repairs may be completed in a matter of minutes, others call for more perseverance and effort to restore the panel to its former form.

  • You can still fix some minor damage with do-it-yourself repairs that, if not fixed, can affect the overall look and resale value of your car.
  • It is more challenging to fix creases or bumps on the borders of a panel by yourself. Depending on where it is and how much structural damage is done, it may not be easy to fix.

2. If the dent penetrates the clear finish, take your car to repair.

It is more probable that your car may rust and corrode if you harm the sealant on its body. Check for a rip in the panel or any wear on the clear coat by looking closely at the dent. Request a price for the repair from your neighborhood car body shop, if one exists.

  • In the event that you are uncomfortable performing repairs on your own, you ought to take your car to a shop.

Question 2: How should a dent removal appliance be used?

How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

1. Put adhesive in the center of the dent using the tool's suction cup.

Hot glue guns, suction cups, and crossbars for extracting damage are standard components of dent removal kits. After preheating your glue gun, fill the suction cup's bottom with hot glue. Next, flatten it against the dent's center. To ensure adequate adhesion, allow the glue to cure for a minimum of 10-30 seconds.

  • Dent removal kits are available online and at your neighborhood auto supply store. They typically cost between $30 and $50.
  • You may get away without gluing the suction cup down if your removal equipment doesn't include a hot glue gun. Press firmly at the dent's center with the suction cup to make it adhere to your panel.

2. Tighten the crossbar onto the suction cup.

The suction cup should be slid through the crossbar's center opening. Rotate the crossbar to make sure both feet on each side of your quarterboard are on a flat surface. To make the feet adhere to your car, firmly press them on the panel. Finally, to prevent the crossbar from coming off, tighten the knob into the suction cup's tip.

  • If the feet are not placed on a flat surface, they may move and fail to engage the dent.

3. To remove the dent, turn the suction cup's knob in a clockwise direction.

To minimize the risk of causing harm to your car, adjust the knob about a half turn at a time. The suction cup will pull the panel out as you rotate the knob, pressing the feet up as opposed to the body of your car. Continue rotating the knob until the panel pops back into place, either visually or audibly. The removal tool may be removed from the panel with ease once the dent has been pulled out.

  • Use a hairdryer or heat gun to warm the panel if there is adhesive residue there until the glue melts. The panel's adhesive may then be removed with ease by wiping or pealing it.
  • Occasionally, a bigger dent will only partially come out with the removal tool. Put the tool's suction cup back in the lowest part of the damage and try again if there is still damage visible.

Question 3: How can I use a plunger to remove dings from an automobile?

How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

1. Pull the plunger out after pressing it into the center of the dent.

To help the plunger develop a better seal, first, moisten the panel with a little water. After that, place the plunger's cup over the dent's center. To make the dent come out, quickly pull the plunger out. Avoid applying too much pressure as this might exacerbate the dent.

  • It might be necessary to make several attempts to remove the damage with your plunger.
  • Use a standard cup plunger for sinks and drains instead of a flange plunger for restrooms, as the latter will not provide adequate suction.

Question 4: Can a dent be removed with hot water?

How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

1. If a dent is not on a level surface, warm water may be able to remove it.

Boil a kettle of water and carry it outside to your car. In order to warm up the panel and make it more pliable, slowly pour warm water over the dent. Afterward, use compressed air to chill the surrounding environment swiftly. With luck, the ding may come out easily.

  • Heating the panel sufficiently to allow for reshaping can require many full pots of water.
  • You may also use a heating device or blow dryer to warm the panel in place of using the water.
  • Seek a means to enter the space underneath the dent if applying compressed air to it. Once the panel has warmed up, extrude the dent from the interior using your hands.

Question 5: How should a dent be dislocated with a hammer?

How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

1. Be careful not to scratch the paint by tapping the dent from the inner side of the panel.

You might have to take off a tire or taillight in order to get access to the region because you'll need to go beneath the dent. The dolly is a bent metal support component that must be placed on the outside of the panel to conform to the body contours of your car. To get the panel to fit the dolly's form, gently hit the inner side of it using a body hammer or a soft rubber mallet.

  • Take precautions not to strike too hard as this might crack the panel or make it bend out.

Question 6: What is the expected cost of removing a dent?

How to Remove a Dent From a Quarter Panel

1. The average cost of damage to the size of golf balls is $150 or above.

The location, clarity, and accessibility of the dent all affect the overall cost. Fortunately, they can generally be fixed in an hour or so. When your car is being serviced, ask the specialist for an estimate; after they inspect the car, they will be able to provide you with an exact cost.

  • Inquire whether the car body shop gives any savings if you have several dents, so you won't have to pay the entire amount for each one.
  • In the event that the paintwork on your car is intact, you can locate paintless dent repair facilities nearby. In order to save you from having to take your car to the repair center, they will typically come to you.

2. More than USD 250 will be needed for dents or wrinkles the size of your hand.

More damage requires more effort, and the repair business may have to disassemble additional components of your car. The model of your car and whether the exterior needs repainting will also affect the cost. Display the damage to the mechanic when you bring your car in, and inquire about the best course of action.

  • More substantial dents require two to four hours to fix.
  • If the damage is more extensive, your quarter panel may need to be completely rebuilt or refinished.
  • Larger dents occasionally compromise your car's structural integrity, which increases the cost to you.

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