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How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

Instagram is primarily a mobile-based application, where you can interact with lots of users by just following them. Getting a huge number of followers on Instagram is quite exciting- we love it when anyone follows us on Instagram. We feel bad that when it comes to removing followers from our friend's list, we have to go through a short procedure. Unfortunately, we don't have other options if we need to clean our Instagram account from whom we don't want to share our content.

There are various reasons due to which we face the condition where we have to remove followers from our friend list. For example, May some of the followers have left Instagram, or they never comment or like on our post and many more.

If anyone follows you on Instagram, you will get a notification either you want to accept their request or Cancel. It only works if your privacy mode is ON. If your account is public, anyone could follow you without your permission. Many users are very less attentive on Instagram, they don't want any ghost users to follow them, but due to lack of knowledge, they do not make their profile private.

If you want to remove your follower for whatever reason, you can remove followers from our Instagram, but you can't delete them, unlike other social networking sites.

Follow the given steps if you really want to remove a follower from Instagram.

Open Instagram

Go to your application page on your mobile device and tap on the Instagram app. It is a purple-red-gradient app with a white square camera icon.

How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

If you are not already logged into your account, you need to enter your login credentials to proceed.

How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

Tap Followers:

If you are logged into an Instagram account, tap on the "Followers" tab located in the middle of the profile page. Once you tap on the follower's tab, you will be navigated to a new page, where you will find your Instagram followers list.

How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

Tap Remove:

From your Instagram followers list, you need to tap the "Remove" tab located on the right side of the follower's profile.

How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

Tap Remove when prompted:

When you tap the "Unblock" tab, a popup will appear with a text "Instagram won't tell @ xyz they were removed from followers." Below this pop-up, you will find two tabs, first says remove it, and another says to cancel. Here, you need to tap the "Remove" button to remove your follower permanently.

How to Remove a Follower from Instagram

Instagram users should follow the following Guidelines:

  • Make your account private.
  • Be aware of ghost followers.
  • Don't accept unknown requests.

The primary thing about removing followers from the Instagram account is that once you remove anyone from your friend list, they will not get any notification that you have removed them from your follower's list.

To increase their brand awareness, many businessmen buy followers, as per reviews and reports, many online services have been actively participating in selling followers on Instagram in recent years. Because they want to gain user trust to increase their follower's count, so you need to be attentive.

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