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How to Rotate Videos on Android

We all love to watch videos either by creating them or downloading them anywhere else. Also, people create videos for the record and keep their activities memorable. But sometimes, people mistakenly create videos in a different orientation. What usually happens for such kind of video is that person forgets to rotate its orientation. And user fill frustrating while using the final product and wants to rotate them for their use.

How to Rotate Videos on Android

You can rotate the video's orientation from your phone instead. You can also use movie editing software like iMovie for Mac or Windows Movie Maker to rotate video orientation. Here you will get how to rotate videos on Android phones and tablets.

Whether using an Android phone or tablet, you can use the Google Photos app to rotate your wrongly oriented recorded videos. For this, you should have a Google account and Google Photos app (used in this tutorial) installed on your Android device. On most Android phones, you will find the Google Photos app comes as pre-installed, and if it doesn't, you need to download it from Play Store.

What does the Google Photos app do?

Google Photos app stores your photos and videos into the cloud for you. You can access those photos and videos from any device by logging in with your same Google account. If you're unknown about this app, you need to launch it, log in with your Gmail account, and set up your Backup & Sync settings. Here is a quick guide to using Google Photos on Android.

Upload your videos to Google Photos to rotate

Before you rotate your video using the Google Photos app, you need to upload the video to the Google Photos app.

  1. Open your Gallery app (location of your video) on your Android phone and tablet.
  2. Select and long-press the video you wish to upload to Google Photo to rotate; now click on the Share icon.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android
  3. From the various options, choose upload to Photos app.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android
  4. If you are using multiple Google accounts, choose the account on which you wish to upload your video.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android
  5. Finally, tap on the Upload button.

Rotate Your Videos in Google Photos

Once the video gets uploaded to your Google account's Photos app, you can rotate it from there. But you may find different terms based on the version of Google Photos you are using:

  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your device and tap on the search icon to search your video (if you have a huge collection to find it).
  2. Select the video and tap it to open (play).
    How to Rotate Videos on Android
  3. Tap anywhere on the playing video; you will see an Edit option at the bottom of the slider bar to edit it.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android
  4. Tap on the Edit icon and go to the Crop section. Here you will find the flip icon; tap on it until the video orientation gets changed the way you want.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android
  5. After all, you are done, tap on the Save Copy button to reflect your changes.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android

An alternate method to rotate videos online on Android: with Clideo

There is also an online video editor tool known as Clideo, which you can use to rotate the orientation of your video. Clideo is an online video editing tool that lets you edit, trim, crop, rotate, and do lots more action to perform with your videos. This tool supports all the operating systems, including Windows and Mac. Some of the main advantages of using this tool are:

  • You can upload and edit up to 500MB for free.
  • Using this tool, rotating (editing) video is safe. It doesn't save your video or personal information and deletes your video from its server when you download your video.
  • It is an online tool that you can use on a browser.

Following are the steps to rotate video at Android over online using Clideo.

Upload a video clip

  1. Navigate to Clideo ("") online rotating tool, and click on the Choose file button at the center of the screen.
  2. Upload your recorded video from your device.
  3. Alternatively, you can also choose from Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking on the small arrow next to the "Choose file" button.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android

Rotate the video

  • After uploading the video, click on the clockwise or anticlockwise arrows to rotate your video. Every click rotates your video to 90 degrees. Generally, you will need only one click to rotate your video to a horizontal position.
  • You may also choose the different output format (or leave it as it) for your video to download.
    How to Rotate Videos on Android

Save the result

After all, you did, click on the Rotate button. You will see the short preview of your rotating clip. Download it to your device or upload it to the cloud storage.

How to Rotate Videos on Android

How to rotate videos on Android Samsungs device

If you are searching for a way to rotate videos in Android on Samsung Galaxy phones, you can use their in-built Gallery app.

  1. To start, tap on the Gallery app to open.
  2. Find the video in the device you want to rotate.
  3. Tap on the video that you choose, and it starts playing your video on full screen.
  4. To edit your video for rotating, tap on the pencil icon.
  5. Tap the Transform button to disclose more options.
  6. You will see the Rotate icon in the row with other icons displayed under the video. Tap on the rotate icon for rotating the video anticlockwise.
  7. Continuously tap on the Rotate icon until you get your required video orientation. When you get the preferred video orientation, tap on the Save option.
  8. It may take some time to save, depending upon the size of your video.

Rotate Your Videos with the Smart Video Rotate and Flip App

The Smart Video Rotate and Flip App is another option to rotate videos on Android phones or tablets. The tool is easy to use for rotating videos straight on your Android phone. The advantage of using this app over the Google Photos app is that you don't have to waste time watching your videos.

How to Rotate Videos on Android

As soon you open the app, all your videos are available in a list way. It also lets you browse videos from your file explorer. Also, you can record videos using this app, and they will automatically save to the app. Following are the steps to rotate and save your video using this app:

  1. Open the app and look for the video you want to rotate.
  2. Tap on the video to open and then tap on the rotate icon (clockwise or anticlockwise) based on your need.
  3. Once you are done rotating your video, tap on Apply button.
  4. Choose the location in your device where you want to save.
  5. Now, give a name to your video and tab on the Change button.


There are some limitations on rotating videos on Android devices; you can't rotate videos you download from the Internet. You can rotate videos that you create on your own or download to your phone shared by your friends and family. At first, you have to save videos on your phone and upload it to Google Photos (if you are using this app) to rotate portraits or landscapes.

Rotating videos means rotating the orientation of videos only. If you make a video in portrait and then tilt your device to landscape, you can rotate it.

Other Options

We discussed various ways to rotate videos on Android, and we find the Google Photos app the easiest option to rotate videos. However, there are also other apps you can choose from, but most apps include ads, and some require you to pay to use their services. Two popular and widely used apps are Rotate Video FX and Smart Video Rotate and Flip (discussed above).

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