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How to test how many words a minute I can type?

The number of words you can correctly type in a set amount of time indicates how quickly you can type. Five keystrokes are deemed to be one "word." During a test, accuracy and speed are both evaluated. Your average words per minute (WPM) and accuracy percentage will be given to you in numbers. As you practice typing and track your typing speed more frequently, your WPM score will rise. There are several computer programs, games, and tests you can use to gauge your typing speed.

How to test how many words a minute I can type


Anyone seeking employment with any computer company would benefit from including their WPM or typing speed on their CV.

The free online tools and activities listed below can be used to test your typing speed:

1. Keybr

How to test how many words a minute I can type is a free online typing tutorial that will provide you with the most cutting-edge learning environment and enable you to improve your typing speedily. The tool significantly increases your typing accuracy and speed. Using statistics and clever algorithms to create typing lessons customized to your abilities, distinguishes itself from most typing practice programs. Without looking at the keyboard to identify your keys, you can gradually learn touch typing while using all your fingers.

You can start your test by clicking on the link:

2. Nitro Type

How to test how many words a minute I can type

Nitro Type is a real-time typing competition that takes place worldwide. Competing with their friends and users from around the world aids pupils in accelerating their typing speed. Students can join and establish teams, chart their progress toward new cars, and join Nitro Type. To assist them in teaching their kids entertainingly, teachers at schools can also create teacher accounts. Every player's private and public profile displays their highest WPM, total races, average WPM, and other statistics. The game offers a premium annual edition that is free to play but contains no commercials.

Start your test: Nitro Type

3. Typing Master

How to test how many words a minute I can type

Typing Master is a touch-typing training that is tailored to your specific requirements. It offers more than 10 hours of personalized workouts to help you progress from amateur keyboarding to professional keyboarding. As a result, you'll probably see a double or triple increase in your typing speed and save many hours of productive work time.

Each session teaches a few additional keys and offers step-by-step exercises that progress from key drills to fluid typing. Test your typing abilities by playing their entertaining typing games. You may quickly learn key positions with the on-screen keyboard's color-coded layout, which supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, India, etc.

Typing Master Test: Typing Master


How to test how many words a minute I can type is the best free source for typing software availability. Both adults and children will enjoy the excellent selection of free games on this typing website. offers multilingual content and teaching and is a one-stop shop for people looking to learn typing while playing video games.

Basic typing lessons are available at three levels on, with seven to twelve lessons per level. The website offers a more challenging typing exercise along with lessons on digital literacy and coding principles.

You can start your test by clicking on the link:

5. Typer Shark

How to test how many words a minute I can type

For the PC, Typer Shark has both an online and offline version that is free. One of the more complex typing games we've seen is called Typer Shark, in which players must sift through the ocean floor in search of hidden treasure. You discover sharks and fish with letters and words on them while exploring. Before a word or letter reaches your character, it must first be typed.

Visit Typer Shark to play or download the game.

6. FastFingers

How to test how many words a minute I can type

Fast Fingers is another fantastic online tool for typing practice. This online typing test's multilingual availability is one of its distinctive qualities. Enabling individuals to practice typing in languages other than English.

Start your FastFingers test: Fast Fingers

7. Keyboard Fun

How to test how many words a minute I can type

With the help of the incredibly helpful and basic program Keyboard Fun, kids can learn about letters, connect them to words, and find them on a keyboard. An occupational therapist developed the app to support kids with cognitive or physical challenges. This is an excellent software to add to a child's collection because it especially takes into account teaching the alphabet and how to type more quickly and where the letters are located on a keyboard.

8. Learn Typing

How to test how many words a minute I can type

Learn Typing is a free typing tutor available online. It contains free typing lessons for people of all ages, backgrounds, and typing prowess.

An experienced high school typing tutor who presently instructs seniors in typing has created Learn Typing. A specific set of skills must be learned to type. You are forced to be your coach and trainer in this learning environment.

9. TypingWeb

How to test how many words a minute I can type

TypingWeb, a free online course, teaches users how to type more quickly and accurately. The free instructional demonstrates how to quickly type words while showing users where to put their hands on the keyboard and where the keys are located. The typing course is accessible to users of all ages and provides instruction for keyboarders of all ability levels.

10. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Software

How to test how many words a minute I can type

One of the best typing tutor programs now on the market, Keyblaze teaches touch, speed, and 10-key typing swiftly. The best typing software for adults, KeyBlaze, is available for free download.

The introductory lessons in the KeyBlaze typing instructor software include the home keys for the index, middle, and pinky fingers before moving on to capitalization, punctuation, and numbers. Additionally, it offers typing exams that last up to 20 minutes and practice classes that include problem keys, prose, poetry, and prose with problems.

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