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Hush Hush Review

"Hush Hush" is a series available on Amazon Prime Videos; the creator or writer of this series is "Tanuja Chandra." This series is directed by three directors: "Tanuja Chandra, Kopal Naithani, and Ashish Panday." The first season of this series consists of seven episodes, each around forty-five minutes (45 minutes). This series was originally released in the Hindi language with English subtitles.

Hush Hush Review

Cast Members

This series has five leading roles: Juhi Chawla, Kritika Kamra, Ayesha Jhulka, Soha Ali Khan, and Shahana Goswami.


This a story of an investigation of suicide and murder in the series "Hush Hush" is about an elite leader of a PR organization named "Isha Sengupta" (whose role is played by actress Juhi Chawla), who took her life, but this was suspicious for her three friends, so her friends were anxious to know the reason behind the suicide. But just one day before the suicide of Isha, one of these four friends killed a man in self-defense and hid his body somewhere (this is the main reason that makes them think that Isha did not commit suicide); due to that murder, remaining three friends got involved in this crime. But this crime is much more tangled than just one murder; Police Officer Geeta (whose role is played by actress Karishma) is investigating this case. What happened in the end? We will learn about this in subsequent sessions of this series.


In Favour

The basic idea used in this series of "Hush Hush" is quite attractive, four women that have a strong background, have societal tensions around them, and personal issues with everyone; a tragedy hit the lives of these four women; in addition to this one of them commit suicide and the rest of the three friends are suspected by the police for the murder. They are also anxious to know about the mystery of the suicide of their friend, Isha; this story is like a riddle and bend of characters that one can investigate and play with, like a game of chess.

The writer of this series, "Hush Hush," Tanuja Chandra, is an old player in this field of the film industry; she started her career in film writing and directing with the movie "Dushmann" in which actress Kajol was in the leading role, and till now that movie is considered as one of the best films. So obviously, when we give the task of making a movie to an experienced person who keeps every aspect in check, the possibility of turning out the movie badly is minimal. Tanuja, with a group of essayists, generally ladies, including the productive Juhi Chaturvedi (Piku and October), Shikhaa Sharma (Noor), and Ashish Sharma, shapes ladies, for the most part, first class, from likely various phases of life. In this series, the character of Dolly is in her early stage of marriage, and her new family forces her to bear a child that can inherit their legacy.

Saiba was a working mother and a successful Journalist, but she left her job and now lives only for her loved ones. Another woman is constructing a fashion empire amid her crashing love life. So, we know that enough trauma is created because Isha died as a grey character; though she was a kind-hearted woman, she used to earn large amounts of money in the wrong ways. Chandra and the group worked hard to build an exciting theme for this series, the change from drama to thrill is smooth, and the primary episode has much more surprisingly stuffed than expected, yet that works in the opposite direction. We will talk about that later.

However, the main thing that attracts the viewers' attention is the clash between two sisters; they both were orphans, but one is kind-hearted, and another is trading young girls to earn money (but there is something other than this in this series). The initial sequence of the show has two young ladies talking and the older one telling the story about her first pickpocket to a younger lady, creating a hauntingly excellent direction.


Karishma Tanna brings back home the prize of being the highlight of the show, as she is playing the role of a cop who has chosen to be a lady among men and be solid, regardless of gender; she does not need to be a tough lady with male qualities; she can be a lady and have her time of fear and feel hatred, yet in addition to being a police officer she is overwhelmed by machismo. Karishma plays the characters with conviction, and you can see her utilizing the tension of getting a worthy role despite being in the business for a long time, assuming this is how she decides to advance in her carrier, audience, and excited ones.

Kritika Kamra does the second-best acting in this series, and she has figured out how to do the acting; if one thinks this acting job is easy, they are wrong; it's a hard job. The role of Soha Ali Khan is all about emotional depth; even though an actor might consider the drama of Soha Ali Khan's crying to be quite good, any person who thinks crying in front of a camera is an easy task and if he thinks it's not too much trouble; please try to attempt this also they we get to know the reality. The acting done by Shahana Goswami is in balanced form; the director of this series uses the ability of Shahana to bring the complexity that is needed for this story with her acting; she is making Zaira like a lady; one can hardly tell and think what she will do straightaway, she could be an instructor and an all-out bluster machine simultaneously.

The character of Juhi Chawla is written as a sort of mystery; one does not have knowledge of what is going on with her, for an instant consider a scene that shows that she is a kind-hearted woman and, on the other hand, she is earning money by blackmailing wealthy persons; this show is an investigation of her story, and every other character is a way to express it. While going about as a secret in the entirety of her sweet greatness, the entertainer gets nothing much to do in the principal season since the composing is more fixated on the possibility of her than her (as the character dies in this series). Hence, in the discussion, Ishi gets interested more than her appearance.

Ayesha Jhulka gets back to her track carrier through this series, and she has the talent needed for this role; with another inning on the entryway, it will be enjoyable to see what projects she decides to make an imprint as an actress. In the series "Hush Hush," her appearances are limited from the show's beginning, but there is a reason behind this; after that, she reveals herself, and her scenes blow the audience's minds.

In oppose

The approach of the story of this opposite, i.e., first, the audience witnesses the death or suicide of the main character Isha then later on, we get to know some of the background histories of Isha. This similar approach can be seen in Sriram Raghavan's work "Andhadhun," similarly, the writer of Hush Hush tried to recount the story from end to beginning; this explanation required extraordinary talent. Since the audience is aware of the outcome of this storyline (already shown in the first episode of this series) and now the thriller part is left in the storyline, did she commit suicide or was it a murder, how this came to this is the main point left of this story. Since somebody, in a real sense, kills someone in the first episode by shooting bullets in their skull, the story should be just compelling.

While the characters in their independent universes are fascinating together, they simply don't take the conversation ahead, like they are excessively delusional for somebody who has seen trauma or done a crime first-hand. In addition, more information was provided in some plotlines than required, which had no meaning. In the initial episodes of this series, we see some flashback scenes of the past life of Juhi, and that truly does not make any sense to understand the story at that point; on the other hand, they killed a person, which adds one more to the scenes which are bizarre or odd.

If we discuss the end of this season, the shown ending is just like a cliffhanger and feels like the story has been stretched; the story can be completely shown in this season. In addition, the makers of this series forget that in the first episode of this show, a man was killed by the leading role and her friends in self-defense; neither does his body swell and floats in the lake, nor is anybody worried that he is missed. This show also doesn't show the deep into the minds of the characters; the makers only showed some tragic scenes and stories of their background history; due to this, the audience of this show lacks to connect with the story completely, but there is one character that justice and that character is Tanna. The way it is shown is also pretty lovely.


The series "Hush Hush" has all the components of a decent show; however, the director failed to do much with it, lack of depth explanation is one of the problems. But despite all this, this series is good to watch (not for kids). So, get ready to watch this series this weekend, and for more storylines, we will be waiting for season two.

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